Java Chicken

A delicately flavoured Indonesian curry. Serve with plain rice and sambals.

Serves 4-6


[a]3 lbs [/a][i]chicken[/i]
[a]4 [/a][i]brazil nuts, ground[/i]
[a]1/2 tsp [/a][i]chilli powder[/i]
[a]2 tsp [/a][i]coriander ground[/i]
[a]1 tsp[/a] [i]galangal (laos powder)[/i]
[a]1 [/a][i]garlic clove, crushed[/i]
[a] 1/2 tsp [/a][i]turmeric, ground[/i]
[a] 4 tbsp [/a][i]oil[/i]
[a]2 [/a][i]onions chopped[/i]
[a]3 cups [/a][i]coconut milk[/i]
[a]2 in[/a] [i]cassia bark[/i]
[a]1 [/a][i]lemon grass stalk or 1 tsp powder[/i]
[a]2 tbsp [/a][i]lemon juice[/i]


Joint chicken and cut across bone into serving pieces.

Mix nuts, chilli, coriander, galangal, garlic and turmeric to a paste with a little oil and rub over the chicken. Leave for a few hours.

Heat remaining oil in wok or pan and fry onions until golden. Add chicken pieces and fry until golden.

Gradually add coconut milk, stirring while bringing to the boil to prevent curdling. Add lemon grass and cassia and simmer uncovered for about 30 minutesor until the sauce is thick.

Stir in lemon juice and add salt to taste.