6 Best Cooking & Food Shows Now on Netflix 2024

6 Best Cooking & Food Shows Now on Netflix 2024

You don’t need culinary expertise to become engrossed in these captivating culinary TV series — but beware, they just might ignite your inner gourmand or at the very least, trigger a craving for a sumptuous meal.

It matters not whether you’re adept at executing a flawless flambé or if your oven is merely a makeshift cupboard; you’re in for many hours of delightful viewing that’s guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds… and possibly leave you feeling peckish. Let’s look at shows about food that deserve attention.

Two women cooking

Best Cooking Netflix Shows

1 Bake Squad

The ‘Bake Squad’ series showcases a fusion of talent and good-natured rivalry where creativity takes the center stage. Under the guidance of culinary luminary Christina Tosi – author, renowned baker, and founder of Milk Bar – four extraordinary and distinctly talented bakers come together to perform remarkable baking spectacles. From the awe-inspiring explosive cake to a gravity-defying masterpiece and beyond – like a life-size chocolate piano, an enormous dragon egg fashioned from chocolate, or a gigantic, smashable confection – this show is a celebration of the art of baking at its most imaginative.

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2 Chef’s Table

At the forefront of Netflix’s rich assortment of content shines the jewel known as “Chef’s Table.” Far surpassing the typical culinary program, this documentary series dishes out a sensory banquet, providing viewers with a rare glimpse into the personal and professional realms of globally celebrated chefs.

“Chef’s Table” masterfully weaves the precision of gourmet cooking with the evocative backstories of the culinary maestros themselves. The series transcends the mere aesthetics of gastronomy, exploring the profound connections formed through the universal language of food, enriching our relationship not just with the meals we consume but with one another.

3 Dinner Time Live with David Chang

Get set to sizzle in your kitchen tonight with culinary maestro David Chang’s extraordinary recipes! It’s time to transport your taste buds on an avant-garde epicurean adventure, crafted with ingredients you have tucked away in your pantry. “Dinner Time Live” offers a rare peek into the authentic chaos and craft of gastronomy — untamed and unedited. Witness how a quintessential meal comes to life, with all its culinary quirks and real-time resolutions. And the cherry on top? Chang is joined by a stellar lineup of celebs, including John Mulaney, Nick Kroll, Steven Yeun, and Rashida Jones, bringing a dash of star-studded flavor. Slip into your apron – your gourmet escapade awaits!

4 The Chef Show

“The Chef Show” is a heartwarming feast for the soul. It’s a seamless transition from the vibrant 2014 film “Chef,” capturing its essence and warmth in a series format. Jon Favreau, both producer and headliner, masterfully weaves food with the fabric of friendship. Rekindled collaborations with culinary connoisseur Roy Choi—whose pioneering Kogi taco truck sparked the movie’s inspiration—make the show a heartfelt tribute to their bond. Roy Choi, the culinary innovator, once mentored Favreau in the art of cooking for the silver screen, from essential knife skills to the final gourmet flourish. Together, they now explore a smorgasbord of food escapades, including the art of bread-making at Tartine and crafting a colossal lasagne feast.

5 Ugly Delicious

Explore the culinary wonders of ‘Ugly Delicious,’ a groundbreaking Netflix series created by the celebrated chef David Chang. This isn’t your average culinary showcase; it’s an adventurous travelogue that invites you to rethink the essence of great food.

Join Chang and his eclectic mix of companions – including writers, activists, artists, celebrities, and fellow chefs – as they globe-trot from Copenhagen to Tokyo. Together, they indulge in various unconventional dishes that boldly surpass traditional gourmet standards.

6 Street Food: USA

Discover the sizzling delights of global street cuisine with ‘Street Food,’ now venturing into America’s culinary heartlands in its third season. Experience iconic US cities like New Orleans, Miami, and New York through the flavors that define their streets. Engage with tales from passionate local cooks who bring soul to the sidewalks with their mouth-watering creations. Far from the realms of upscale dining, these are the tastes that truly mirror a locale’s spirit—so tempting, that you’ll find yourself yearning for a taste tour.


The cooking shows listed will help brighten up your loneliness or be a great addition to a fun family evening. They awaken not only hunger but also feelings of anger, satisfaction or passion. Moreover, food is a universal topic that people of all ages and interests love to watch.

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