Biophilic office: Herbs you can grow in your workplace

Biophilic office: Herbs you can grow in your workplace

A biophilic office isn’t the most popular in modern business, but it doesn’t make it any less impressive or necessary. Fortunately, many people are starting to take note of biophilia and how it relates to workplace design. Some explain this relationship as an excellent way to leverage our ability to create a natural environment where we can learn, live, and work. Our consciousness in adding nature to our architectural and interior design is how we reconnect with our natural environment and bring the outdoor environment into our well-constructed indoor world. This means that a workplace incorporating natural plant life is likely to be more productive, and workers will likely be happier. 

You should note that it’s not enough to pop some philodendrons or African violets across your office randomly. It doesn’t work that way, and not as a productivity bullet or happiness cure if that’s your intention. However, studies have shown that increasing plant life diversity and quantity in your office is a cheap and effective way to create a productive and harmonious workspace. 

Thankfully, there are several fresh herbs, vegetables, and flowers that you can get easily and plant around your office. Given the numerous benefits you can get from making your office biophilic, why not make a move rather than spend time considering it? The good thing is that many of these plants also grow well indoors and are drought-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about their survival. Here are a few plants you can grow in your workplace. 

fern in office


1. Rosemary 

This is a very hardy and versatile herb. It’ll make such a great addition to your small office garden. It has a radiating beauty, and the bold green leaves with their evergreen quality mean it’ll continue to beautify your office all year long. This plant also grows excellently indoors, especially if your office window is facing south. It has a strong and pleasant fragrance, which means it can also act as an air freshener naturally. You may also consider taking some sprigs home for your roasted chicken or potatoes. 

2. Parsley

This is a brilliant example of a classic summer plant. Once you lay your hands on this herb, you can’t go back on it anymore. This is one herb you can’t get enough of. It can brighten up everywhere, even if that’s a dish. How much more office space? You can grow it indoors using a deep pot and shoot for about 5 hours of sunlight daily. You can also take it one step further by getting a grow light. 

3. Chives 

Chives have a mild onion flavor, making them an excellent choice for most dishes. This herb is prolific and very easy to grow. It also doesn’t require a large quantity of natural light to blossom. You can stimulate the growth by cutting off the top 1/3 and adding it to your mashed potatoes, eggs, and biscuits. 

This plant can be preserved with others to make a compound herb butter. However, beyond its usage in the kitchen, it’s also one of the best plants you can add to your workspace. Not only does it add to the beauty of the space, but it also can improve your productivity and your mood. 

The importance of biophilic office plants to reduce anxiety and boost productivity

Before you start picking out any plants and adding them to your office space, it’s important that you research the ones that are best suited for that purpose. You must research different plants, their compatibility for indoor growth, how much light and water they need, and how they can help to boost mood and productivity in your office space. It would be best if you took this as seriously as a student searching for writing services to buy resume online

There are several ways to explain why many companies are going biophilic. First, you must consider the beauty of green office space and how soothing it is for all the workers. Also, this makes it an asset that can help the company attract some of the best talents in their industry. Everyone wants to work in a serene and conducive environment. The natural soothing capacity means these plants also help reduce stress and anxiety while boosting creativity and productivity. 

An investment in nature is a wise investment for any office. It helps the productivity and overall health of the employees in many ways. Many believe that an environment without nature causes discord and breeds negativity, which is bad for the employee’s productivity. This is why it makes sense to incorporate nature in the office space. It adds beauty and color to the environment, helps to foster ideas and innovations, and improves the well-being of everyone within that space. 


There are many benefits of turning your office space into a biophilic office which has been discussed in this article. While many plants can be useful to this effect, a few have also been mentioned here. If you want the best out of your employees, incorporate nature into your workplace.