Let’s face it, pests cannot control themselves when it comes to free food. The food industry is among the most affected industries due to pests, and if you are in the food business, then it makes a lot of sense to want to eradicate the pests in your food parlor. Also, to maintain a high level of cleanliness, due to food safety issues, you’ll want to do away with any pests that can cause or spread disease-causing viruses or bacteria. To help you out, here are four effective ways to control pests in food establishments. 

1. Consider A Thorough Inspection

The cornerstone of any pest management program lies in the effectiveness of a thorough inspection program. You can have a scheduled routine where you check out the various routes pests are using to get to your food establishment. More so, there are pest eradication programs that can help you out. They’ll be handy in not only providing you with cost-effective pest eradication measures but also, tips for effective pest control for a food processing plant. If you are in the food processing business, you have no reason to get acclimatized to a pest-infested environment. You can, with the help of a professional integrated pest management program, tackle the destructive pests, and save your inventory from further ruin. 

2. Identify The Destructive Pests

Not all pests will be after your food inventory. Some will be after protecting your valuable assets while others will be the “Sully” in the Nut Job movie. There’s no telling what some pests can do in your food establishment. But before you go ballistic on the pests affecting your food establishment, you must identify the most destructive ones. This will help you to find the best control and eradication measures best suited for the particular pests. This is because not all pest control measures will work on all pasts. 

3. Do You Have A Pest Monitoring Program?

surveillance camera sign

Pest management and eradication is a never-ending program. Hence the need to have a program that allows you to not only monitor their movements but their activities as well. This will help protect your establishment against further infestation as well as help to eliminate the existing pests. You need to have eyes and ears on the ground to help curb this menace for good. And what better way than to rely on the most updated pest elimination technologies. Below are the latest and most advanced technologies in pest monitoring programs:

  • The use of bio-rational materials in trapping and eradicating pests
  • The use of fly baits
  • The use of thermal imaging tech to identify pests
  • The use of drones in controlling and managing pests

4. Pests Do Not Like It Clean

There are no known pests that love a clean environment. This is unless they have been taught the art of living in clean living spaces. The minute you start to clean your food establishment, you’ll be done with pests, and maybe for good. Consider using cleaning agents that are safe for humans but toxic for pests.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to get rid of the pests in your food establishment. The above pointers will steer you in a direction that will be the most fitting in pest eradication. Also, research on other friendlier and humane ways when dealing with destructive pests.