Rice is a staple in a lot of indigineus diets, especially those coming from the east where rice was very easy to cultivate. Today, rice is one of the most popular grains not only in Asia but also in the world. But which types of rice are the healthiest to eat and why exactly is rice so beneficial?

Rice is most popular in Asia

The rainy and hot climate of Asia has proved to be ideal for cultivating rice. Because of this, a lot of national cuisines coming from this area include plenty of rice. Incidentally, these countries like Japan and China are known to have much lower rates of obesity than Western countries. While in the West, most of our carb intake comes from other grains, in Asia the story is quite different. Asian people get most of their carbohydrates from rice, consuming about 20 portions of rice per week on average. This may be one of the reasons why Asian people have lower recorded weight on average than Americans and Europeans.

Different types of rice

Rice is also one of the most diverse grains. It comes in many shapes, sizes, colours, textures and aroma. When considering which is the healthiest rice to add to your diet you should pay attention to its colour first. 

White rice

White or polished rice is the most popular in the West since we adore our refined carbs. White rice has most of its healthful nutritional values removed since the brown layer in which most of the nutrients are contained is peeled in the production process. This type of rice isn’t inherently unhealthy and should be eaten in controlled portions. However, if you want to get the most benefits possible out of your carb intake you should look into other types of rice.

Brown rice

By leaving the bran and germ layers of the grain, brown rice obtains its characteristic colour. This type of rice isn’t as popular probably because it takes longer to cook so it isn’t as convenient for someone on the run. While having its downsides like longer prep time, brown rice comes with many nutritional benefits that white rice lacks. 

Wild rice

This type of rice is recognisable by its dark brown colour and longer grains. Apart from adding a colourful flair to your dish, this rice could be a right choice for both vegans and gym-buffs because it’s very high in protein.

Forbidden black rice

Despite its name, this rice definitely shouldn’t be forbidden in your diet. It got its name because historically the only person who was allowed it was the Chinese emperor. Nowadays, all of us can enjoy the antioxidants and other nutritional benefits which enrich the forbidden black rice.

The Bottom Line

The heart of the matter is that there is not one type of rice that is unhealthy. All in all, you should opt for some other grain types apart from white since they have more nutritional value.