barista making coffee
Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels

Terms for Ordering Coffee

Double Cup: An espresso served in two cups, just in case one cup might be too hot to hold.

Double Double: With double cream, double sugar.

Dry: Term used for espresso drinks made without steamed milk, just foamed milk.

Skinny: Made with nonfat or skim milk.

Unleaded: Decaf

Wet: Term used for espresso drinks made without foamed milk, just steamed milk.

Whipless: No whipped cream

With Room: Cup not completely filled, leaving room for cream

With Wings: Take away packaging with handles.

Terms in Espresso Making

Barista: Technically, someone who has been professionally trained in the art of espresso preparation. Often, the term is used simply to describe someone who excels at espresso making, regardless of their training.

Crema: The thick, tan foam that forms when brewing espresso. The crema makes a ‘cap’ that helps to retain the espresso’s flavor and aroma within the cup. If your crema is gone, then you waited too long . . . or you’ve received a poorly made shot.

Demitasse: A French term meaning “half cup.” It is a small, half-size cup used for serving espresso.

Espresso Lungo: A shot that is pulled long for a bit of extra espresso. While many believe that this maximizes the caffeine, in most shops, it merely produces a bitter cup.

Espresso Ristretto: A shorter “restricted” draw, making it thicker and more intensely flavored.

Froth or Foam: Milk that has been made thick and foamy by aerating it with hot steam.