Quatre Épice

four spice, quatre epice

Quatre Épice

What is Quatre Épice?

Four-spices” usually includes four of five spices and are commonly used to season charcuterie such as sausages and terrines. There are actually two approaches to quatre epice, the most well known is a savory version and there is also a sweet version used in rich cakes and puddings. Savory quatre épices goes well with rich meats such as game and adds extra flavour with peppery heat to rich, dark beef casseroles cooked in red wine. For each pound of meat use one teaspoon of savory quatre épices, or more according to taste.

Recipe for Quatre Épice

Put all of the ingredients in a spice mill or blender and process until evenly ground. Store in a cool, dark, dry place. For the sweet version, subsitute the white peppercorns with the same amount of allspice.