A Simple Balsamic Vinaigrette

an olive oil and vinegar dressingA simple oil and vinegar salad dressing. Why is the degree of difficulty exponential? It needn’t be. A simple vinaigrette dressing recipe can be made easily, from simple ingredients, be healthy for you, and actually taste great.

 A Hot Double Whammy Love Potion

 A cozy valentine drink to warm up those cold winter days, a recipe for a love potion with the combined aphrodisiac effects of chocolate and chilli peppers. 

Bringing Home the Bacon, Or Maybe Pancetta

Bacon vs Pancetta? Hey’s all good, cured pork just makes so many things just taste better…

 bowl of risotto


Tips for the Perfect Risotto

Includes step by step instructions, a quick glossary of Italian Cooking terms and a sumptuous recipe for Risotto with Butternut Squash, Lobster and Sage. There is also a recipe for Strawberry Risotto, an adventurous, new-Italian twist on classic risotto, actually more savory than sweet, with the barest hint of strawberry flavour.

Flavoring Foods Without Salt

Our list of herbs and spices can give you a start enhancing foods without too much salt by describing which seasonings work best with specific foods.

Culinary Quotes

For your entertainment, some quotes from thinkers, writers, artists and punks on all things relating to food and culinary concern

a bunch of lavendarThe Flavors of Provence

A culinary tour of the ingredients that give Provençal cooking its bold and vibrant character.

How to Cook an Egg
like an Eggs-pert

How to cook an egg: poached, scrambled, sunny-side up, soft or hard-cooked may be tough skills to crack but our foolproof methods wiil make you eggs-pert!

 garlic with garlic press

Smashing Garlic

Mincing, crushing, chopping — your choice of garlic abuse does effect its flavour. We’ll tell you when it should be sliced or smashed or pureed.

Garlic Gadgets

for peeling, slicing, mincing, roasting and storing garlic with less effort and odor. Prawns, Shrimp or Scampi sets the record straight on the differences between these three terms.

Chocolate 101

A primer on all things chocolate. What’s the best chocolate to buy? What is cocoa percentage? Unsweetened or bitter? All your deep, dark chocolate questions answered.

Prawns, Shrimp or Scampi?

Are they all the same thing?

Vanilla Gift Ideas

Have a favorite baker on your gift list? Vanilla extract is a pantry staple and vanilla sugar is a delightful treat to have on hand.

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