The Challenge of Drafting a New Form of Academic Work

Dissertation writing is a challenge for many students because of its length, specificity, and complexity. Moreover, students have no exposure to this type of academic work. Even though the odds are low, it is possible for students to complete the dissertation without external assistance. However, this solo approach is high risk because of the numerous challenges that students face while writing the dissertation. Seeking the assistance of a legit writing center, like, increases the likelihood of completing one’s dissertation by helping the student to overcome all challenges.

Poor Planning and Tight Deadlines

A professional writing service provides students with the necessary guidance for planning the various activities of the dissertation process to ensure students meet all milestones. Prior to writing the dissertation, students are used to writing relatively short term papers, which can be completed around two weeks of last-minute focused work. The assumption that the dissertation can be completed with the same approach results in failure. Tutors step in to provide the students with planning their time and create reasonable minor milestones to avoid the last-minute rush.

Work-Education-Life Balance

Students who engage tutors are able to adapt to the sporadic changes in time allocation that occur as an individual tries to maintain a healthy work-education-life balance. During postgraduate studies, students’ lives do not come to a standstill because they have job responsibilities and relationships to maintain. If work or personal relationships require additional time, students tend to quickly redesignate time for dissertation writing because there are no immediate consequences. A writing service is essential in aiding the students with the backlog.

Uncertainty Concerning the Research Process

Tutoring centers have accumulated expertise concerning research techniques, which provides students with an opportunity to learn the best practices without wasting time on trial and error. A dissertation requires a student to collect a diverse variety of sources with unique contributions to the topic and adequately gauge their reliability in a limited amount of time. A professional writer can guide the student from the initial stage of general research to the final stage, where the student uses a favorable and evidence-based criterion to filter the sources.

Insufficient Support From Supervisors

Professional writers providing students with dissertation assistance are available around the clock. During the early stages of selecting the topic and refining the research question, a student may require a high level of handholding to prevent time. Similarly, the remaining stages become more bearable with the assistance of a mentor. The additional responsibilities that supervisors hold at the university make it difficult for them to donate a substantial portion of their time to dissertation students. Consequently, an ideal substitute is a writing center.

Lack of Knowledge of Reference Styles

Unlike standard essays, a dissertation requires a proper understanding of a reference style, which many students have not achieved. In drafting a typical response to an essay prompt, a student needs basic knowledge of creating in-text citations and reference list entries and formatting the cover pages. The styling demands of a dissertation are significantly higher. For instance, the appropriate format for incorporating supplementary information and notes under tables. Tutors’ mastery of reference styles is invaluable to students who desire to communicate clearly.

Finding Novel Topics

Tutors have a firm grasp of the research trends within their writing disciplines, which makes it easier for them to propose novel topics to clients. Postgraduate programs are focused on narrow areas of a discipline. Although this is advantageous for providing a rich learning experience, it becomes a major problem during dissertation writing because the standard of novelty is very high. In attempting to develop a novel topic, the writing center can assist the student in brainstorming and quickly dismissing topics that have been exhaustively researched.

Stress Management

Writing centers provide students with some relaxation time without progress on the dissertation stopping entirely. The deadlines associated with the dissertation may be a source of stress for students. The fear of failure may cause students to experience stress. Tutors allow students to manage this stress by taking on a considerable portion of the stress arising from the dissertation. Writing centers can help the student in developing a detailed outline, drafting, and editing, which results in lower stress levels because deadlines no longer appear to be impossible to meet.

Loss of Interest Due to Dirty Work of Drafting a Dissertation

Writing centers can pick up the slack when the lengthy process of dissertation writing causes students to lose interest. At the start of the dissertation drafting process, academic curiosity is a major motivation source that is triggered by the desire to investigate a novel idea. Over time, students’ interests in the topic may begin to decline because they realize that the aha moment when they develop a novel topic is one of the many stages of dissertation writing. Professional writers can do the ‘dirty work’ that is required to create a polished dissertation.

Difficulty Focusing on the Described Scope

As experienced dissertation writers, tutors have sharpened their writing skills to the extent that they can maintain a high standard of conciseness, which is a rare skill to have acquired during the postgraduate program. Dissertations are large works that students only write once during the postgraduate program. As a large work, students are likely to have many instances of repetition and irrelevant information. The writing center has experienced writers who have completed multiple dissertations that can aid students in focusing on the scope of the dissertation.

Students Need a Writing Assistance

An important consideration for students writing dissertations is the writing center that they need to consult if they wish to overcome the challenges of the dissertation writing process. Selecting the appropriate tutoring center can improve students’ experience of writing a dissertation and raise the odds of delivering high-quality work that meets all academic standards. Students should know that the decision to seek assistance in writing their dissertations is a choice that distinguishes between students who complete their dissertations and students who do not.