Today’s uncertain times have left us, consumers, with limited choices and a long waiting time for our food necessities, particularly meat. However, this applies to our conventional sources of meat from different regions in the UK and even in Europe. Nowadays, local farmers are able to supply us with high-quality meat at great prices through meat boxes.

How Does It Work?

There’s nothing really special about how them, except, of course, these meat are free-range animals that are guaranteed to be untainted by chemicals and are raised in a sustainable way within the UK for traceability. Andy from Chorley says if you contact or visit Grutto, you’ll be able to get a clear explanation and know what to expect from your deliveries. It’s important to know the cuts included in your package which these suppliers will have laid out for you. In essence, there are four simple steps:

  1. Starting with ordering a share of meat in the pasture.
  2. When all shares are sold the meat is slaughtered
  3. The meat is aged to develop its taste and texture before being butchered.
  4. Delivered to your doorstep for free.

steak and fries

Benefits of Meat Boxes

There are a number of advantages of ordering meat boxes over getting it from the grocery, knowing all of them might help you consider your choices:

    1. High Quality

As mentioned, the meat sourced from organically raised beef is grass-fed which is considered healthier than their grain-fed counterparts. This makes the meat to be filled with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Also, because all of them are raised through natural means, they are not tainted with chemicals which improves the meat’s quality.

Free-range chicken lives partly or completely outside with considerable real estate to roam around. This makes the meat better and leaner than those raised in coops. Pork meat also includes traditional breeds that are favored by most who love meat.

    2. Choice and Convenience

Meat boxes are a great way to get quality meat delivered to your door. You’ll also get to choose the cut of the meat you’re ordering. It allows you to order in bulk and adjust the frequency of the deliveries or if you want, you can experiment with different cuts. Additionally, eliminating middleman costs will save a couple of pounds per kilo of meat.

    3. Sustainable Farming Methods

Suppliers of meat boxes often liaise consumers with farmers to source their meat needs. These farmers practice ethical methods in rearing grass-fed and free-range animals without using hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals to promote growth.

    4. Traceability

In 2017, the Food Standards Agency revealed that meat and meat products from the supermarket and restaurants contain some unidentified animal DNA. This poses the importance of keeping tabs on where the meat comes from. With meat boxes, you’ll be able to trace where your meat came from, down to the cow’s tag number and the farmer who raised them. You will be able to know how the animal was reared and the life it led, as well as the measures taken when it was alive, how it was packed, and everything in between.

The benefits of meat boxes come in the quality of their cuts and the convenience it offers over conventional sources i.e. supermarkets. They also promote sustainable farming methods and help local farmers move independently without being under the mercy of a middleman.