From food products to lotions, oils, and teas, CBD seems to be everywhere these days. Even more, it’s not just for people—CBD-infused products for dogs and cats are also available on Canadian markets. With a wide array of options, the process of choosing the right CBD product is often daunting.
However, a new-ish CBD product on the market definitely looks promising for many people—CBD transdermal patches.

What Does CBD Do?

CBD, the abbreviated form of cannabidiol, is an essential component of medical marijuana and is derived directly from the hemp plant. While CBD is a component of marijuana, it doesn’t cause a “high.” Additionally, it has been associated with a wide array of health benefits. The strongest scientific studies prove its effectiveness in treating some of the cruelest health disorders, such as various epilepsies and cancer symptoms.

In multiple studies, CBD was able to decrease the number of seizures, and in some cases, it was able to stop them altogether. CBD is also used to address insomnia and anxiety and to treat numerous types of chronic pain.

A study from the European Journal of Pain proved using an animal model that CBD applied on the skin could help lower pain and inflammation due to arthritis.

CBD is legal and readily obtainable in all provinces and territories of Canada. Users can easily purchase CBD from an online store or a physical store.

What Are CBD Transdermal Patches?

From vaping to smoking and ingesting, there are numerous ways of consuming CBD, of which one vital method is transdermal or through the skin. Much like birth control and nicotine patches, CBD transdermal patches are a topical application product. Often used for therapeutic purposes, it allows the user to get a slow but long CBD dose.

They contain a certain amount of cannabidiol infused in a specific solution of permeation enhancers and carriers that allows for easier absorption of CBD through the skin. When placed against your skin with low concentration, the patch with high CBD concentration creates a deficit that pulls the CBD into your body. Each patch should be kept on for at least 24 hours, and you will experience an effect that lasts for a long time thereafter.

The best thing about transdermal patches is that you don’t have to worry about the dosage—strap one on, and you can keep enjoying its effects throughout the day. This is what makes CBD transdermal patches ideal for people with busy schedules. With the patch on, you should find your symptoms improving as the day goes on.

Effects and Benefits of Transdermal Patches

While CBD’s effects are not as pronounced as THC, CBD patches are incredibly effective in offering mental and physical relief. But what makes users prefer transdermal patches over other consumption methods is that with transdermal patches, over 50 percent of CBD directly enters your bloodstream, offering slow and long-lasting effects. This is ideal for people who require continued relief from aches and pains.

CBD transdermal patches also offer the advantage of convenience and discretion. All you need to do is place a patch in a hidden area of your body and carry on with your daily life. Nonetheless, choose an area with lots of veins to wear your patch, like your wrist, for optimal results.

Furthermore, CBD patches don’t feature any addictive properties. So, you can use CBD patches every day without worrying about developing dependence.

Possible Side Effects

Like with every other thing, CBD transdermal patches have some drawbacks too. Experts suggest that most individuals tolerate CBD and its effects well, which doesn’t pose any severe health risks. However, some people may experience mild fatigue, mood changes, diarrhea, and appetite problems, but these are quite rare. The reason for this is patches deliver CBD slowly over a more extended period. So, your body gets enough time to adjust to the changes as CBD soaks into your system.

The only side effect of using CBD patches over other CBD forms is perhaps the slow-release, especially for people who want fast results. For immediate results, CBD tinctures of vapes might be the ideal option.

Another drawback of the CBD patch is that it doesn’t offer a high dosage. For this reason, some people use several CBD patches, which is highly discouraged. You will end up wasting the patches but won’t get the desired effect.

CBD Patches—A Promising CBD Product

CBD transdermal patches are an excellent way to experience the long-lasting effects CBD has to offer. After all, all you need to do is place a patch on a venous area of your body. Your skin cells absorb the CBD, transfer it into your bloodstream, where they interact with your endocannabinoid system. To put it short, CBD patches are a practical and convenient way to get your CBD dose and experience its effects for a long.