Home, and especially kitchen appliances make our lives tremendously easy and comfortable. However, they can make your life a living hell if they stop working at the most inconvenient time. It is therefore important that you take care of your kitchen appliances to ensure that they don’t break down. Although malfunctions cannot always be avoided, you should try to maintain your kitchen appliances to help them stay in the best condition possible. Whether it’s the refrigerator, the oven, or even the coffeemaker, every appliance performs an important task and holds value, and should therefore be taken care of properly. Here are some useful hacks to help you maintain your kitchen appliances. 

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1. Read The Owner’s Manual

While you usually don’t even touch the owner’s manual after opening an appliance, it’s a good idea to do so if you want to get to know the workings of your machine. Even if you’re familiar with how a machine works, an owner’s manual will provide significant other information as well. For example, it can include cleaning instructions, maintenance tips, repairing instructions, restarting instructions, etc. Therefore, it’s a good idea to not throw away the manual as soon as you unbox an appliance. 

2. Check The Coils

Make sure to regularly check and clean the coils at the back of your refrigerator to avoid malfunctions. You can do this by removing the back panel from the fridge, removing all the dust using a vacuum cleaner, and finally, using a cloth to gently clean the dust stuck to the coils. Although this hack is very useful, always make sure that you’re following the necessary safety precautions when doing this. The power of the refrigerator should be turned off, and you should ensure you don’t let water get into the system. 

3. Regularly Clean Your Dishwasher 

Your dishwasher has one of the most important jobs of all, and should therefore be maintained and kept in perfect condition. It’s important to regularly clean your dishwasher to ensure that it can continue doing its job by providing you with clean dishes. A dirty dishwasher is prone to malfunctions and is one of the most common problems people face with their kitchen appliances. When searching for kitchen-related answers you should keep in mind that not every piece of advice posted on the internet is reliable. You should double-check every piece of information you find. You can use a dishwasher tablet to easily clean it. You should also get it fully serviced by expert technicians once every two years to prolong its life. 

4. Avoid Clogging Your Dishwasher 

It’s very important that you don’t let your dishwasher get clogged, because once it’s clogged, it becomes extremely difficult to unclog and clean. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you need to remove the scrapes from the dishes before loading the dishwasher. Even a little amount of solid food can get stuck inside the dishwasher and cause problems. You should also rinse your dishes before loading them to avoid any food getting into the system. 

5. Keep The Coffee Machine Clean 

If you’re a coffee-lover, your coffee machine is probably your most favorite appliance. To ensure that it doesn’t break down or stop working on a random morning, you should periodically clean the whole thing. Imagine your frustration when you can’t get your morning coffee because your coffee machine suddenly stopped working, and you have to either run to a store or spend hours trying to fix your machine. To clean your machine, you need to remove mineral deposits that can clog it. To do this, mix two parts of water and one part of vinegar and pour it into the water chamber of your machine. Also, make sure to run clear water twice or thrice through the system to remove the vinegary taste. 

6. Reposition The Refrigerator 

There should be some form of ventilation or airflow behind your refrigerator to ensure that it works efficiently. It is therefore recommended that you keep it in a place with ample space behind it. Moreover, you should reposition it every few months to ensure there’s a constant flow of air passing through the coils. 

7. Sharpen The Garbage Disposal 

The garbage disposal is an essential part of your kitchen and should be working its best to avoid any problems. Sometimes, the garbage disposal blades start getting blunt and stop working properly to dispose of the garbage. To remedy this, you should run ice and lemon rinds through the machine. This will effectively sharpen the blades and get them working properly again. However, you should know that there will be a loud noise when you do so. 

Your kitchen appliances should be kept in the best shape to avoid any unnecessary problems during your daily cooking routines. Appliances were invented to make our lives easier, not more difficult. They will do their job if you regularly maintain and clean them.