Find below ten exceptional smoker recipes that will have you getting out your smoker and probably calling in a couple of friends over:

1. Chicken Wings
The good old chicken wings come first. Although chicken wings are traditionally prepared with an outdoor grill, you will be surprised at how good the end results are when you add a little smoke. You can use pecan wood or hickory for best results. Add in as many flavors as you want, to better the taste, including brown sugar, smoky paprika, and garlic based rub.

2. Bacon Explosion
Bacon also had to be on this list, because who doesn’t love bacon? This is an easy-to-prepare recipe that will take your picnic or BBQ to the next level. This smoker recipe has bacon and sausage weaved together, to come up with such an explosion of pleasure.

3. Smoked Mac and Cheese
Did you know you can smoke side dishes? With smoker meat on the table, it would be great to have a creamy, cheesy and full of flavor side dish to complete the meal, and smoker Mac and Cheese is just the thing you need. It works best even for a BBQ for vegetarians.

4. Smoked Turkey
How about a Thanksgiving BBQ with a traditionally smoked turkey? Before hitting the smoker with your turkey, marinate it with flavors for extra juiciness and tenderness. Make sure you season it properly for the perfect taste, possibly with good poultry herbs like savory or sage. Then on the smoker, ensure you baste the turkey with a butter-based solution, taking the smoker slow and low, to get all the parts right.

5. Buttery Smoked Corn on the Cob
How about another vegetarian-friendly recipe? Smoked corn on the cob is just the perfect thing to get started on. If you are one who particularly enjoys grilled corn, then a smoked one will elevate your palate even more. This can also work great to go alongside smoked meat for meat lovers.

6. Smoked salmon
Nothing beats a good smoked salmon for all the fish lovers. This is one of the easy smoking recipes to try out as a topping for your salad, a high-protein snack or a morning bagel.

7. BBQ Smoked Ham
If it is your first time trying out your smoker, you can start with a BBQ smoked ham, which is more or less fail proof. You can add pineapple on top for the extra juice and flavor. The best bit is that it is easy to male and you can hardly mess up this BBQ Smoked Ham.

8. Smoked deviled eggs
Say you don’t like meat, but can you resist some well-smoked eggs? Yes, eggs can also be smoked, and the best part is that you don’t have to wait forever before they are cooked and ready to serve.

9. Smoked brisket
There are several ways to smoke the brisket and get by the stall period that happens after some time into the smoking. You can pause 4 hours into the smoking, dip the brisket in some beer for a couple of minutes, then put it in the oven for four more hours. The flavor, in the end, is definitely worth the wait.

10. Smoked Lobster Tail
I bet you have never tried this one. You need to be melted butter to help with the process, but the lobster tail is high in flavor and the result is scrumptious, to say the least.

If you have not yet bought a smoker, it is probably because you have not found a reason to yet. While it is easy to procure a smoker, it can be challenging to figure out what to do with it, once you have it home. There are a lot of meals you can enjoy with it, but only if you have the top 10 smoker grill recipes for outdoor pleasure handed to you.

Image by bkchaundy from Pixabay