They say that “variety is the spice of life”, and this is so very true for food. An area of our lives that has become so seamless and mandatory that we may forget how amazing and exciting food really is. We used to eat purely to survive, without ever exploring the depths of what the world has to offer.

These days, with access to the vast majority of the world’s information, cultures, religions, and ways of life, we have a much wider array of options when it comes to experimenting with and enjoying food.

So Why Should I Bother Looking For New Recipes?

Life is all about embracing change and discovering new opportunities. If we stayed exactly the same and never ventured past our current reality, that would be a boring existence. If you’re not looking for new and easy chicken recipes to kick off 2021, you’re missing out! Now more than ever, we need to find things that stimulate the mind and don’t allow our creative flair to die. 

You should look for new chicken recipes if:

  • You want to spice up your current cooking routine
  • You’re on a budget and want to explore money-save ideas
  • You are feeling motivated and productive
  • Being adventurous just sums you up as a person

Chances are that one or all of these relates to you, so the best thing to do is dive straight in and begin gaining the benefits of awesome new chicken recipes to enjoy at home on your own or with family.

Where Are The Best Places To Find The Best Recipes Then?

Knowing where to look will give you the best chance to explore the best recipes and ideas out there. Start off by conducting your own research and taking control.

You could try:

  • Looking online by searching exactly what you’re looking for
  • Seeing if you have any cookbooks lying around the house 
  • Asking family members or friends whether they have some great ideas
  • Watching videos or tutorials to get a really good understanding of the recipes and processes to implement yourself
  • Looking at menus to see how your favorite meals are put together, then try to emulate them

Going down the path to new horizons almost always leads to good things, so get excited and start exploring.

What Are Some Recipes To Kick Me Off?

If you want to ease yourself into your new recipe-finding mission, here are some initial ideas to get you started:

  • Fajita Foil Packets. Made with skinless boneless chicken breasts, seasonings such as cumin, chili, or paprika, veggies like peppers, and olive oil
  • Cinnamon Chicken. Try using chicken thighs, honey, spices like cinnamon or cumin, with garlic and added to a broth
  • Marry Me Chicken. Made using chicken thighs, seasoning like salt, pepper, garlic, Italian seasoning, thyme, and chili flakes, liquids like chicken broth and heavy cream, then secret ingredients like bacon with oil

Start with some of these awesome yet simple recipes and build out your knowledge and save yourself some money whilst you do it!