The building blocks of health are forged in our youth and without a strong foundation upon which to build, it’s harder to maintain health as we age. Thankfully, if you’re able to start a health-friendly nutrition regimen when you’re young, you’ll be able to take advantage of having an already healthy body. 

With the average life expectancy in the United States being approximately 77-78 years, many experts contend that this has been increasing due to a better understanding of nutrition and advances in medical science. This is why it’s important to develop a solid understanding of health when you’re young, and to develop healthy nutritional habits. 

Thankfully, there are many supplements, herbs, and health regimens to choose from today which support a healthy body. And knowing a little about these as a teen or young adult can be beneficial to supporting quality health as you age. 

If you’re looking for health-friendly options to consider, the following will offer a few choices. 

Antioxidant Supplements

Antioxidants are among the most health-friendly compounds, and our bodies produce these compounds naturally. However, the level of antioxidants present in the body is primarily related to the foods we eat.

Antioxidants help the body to fight free radicals and to reduce oxidative stress. And reducing oxidative stress at a young age is vital to supporting a healthy body. 

A few other benefits of antioxidants include: 

  • Supports brain health 
  • Supports mental health 
  • Supports healthy aging
  • Supports eye health

As mentioned, antioxidants are often found in the foods that we eat such as a variety of plants and fruits. But if you’re not getting enough antioxidants, you may prefer to take an antioxidant supplement or multivitamin to help optimize the levels of antioxidants within the body. 

Star Anise

Star anise is an herb that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, though not introduced into European culture until the 1600s. And this herb is quite popular today due to its medicinal properties. 

With star anise, you can make tasty foods (or herbal teas) that are full of health-friendly properties. And it’s been documented that star anise works to promote the immune system’s ability to fight off health challenges, an element that all teens and young adults should be conscious of.

Getting sick is a direct result of a lowered immune system response. And whether this is caused by stress or an imbalance of nutrition, with star anise as a part of your regular diet, you can aid your immune system in doing its job. 

Additionally, star anise is often described as a digestive aid and promotes the health of female reproductive organs. It’s also used to help stimulate appetite, and it has antibacterial and antifungal properties which can also be beneficial for those working to maintain a healthy body. 


Also known as the purple coneflower, Echinacea has been used by Native Americans for hundreds of years due to its ability to support a healthy immune system. And this herb is widely available today in many forms.

For example, a number of studies have been performed on Echinacea over many years to show that this herb contains active substances which potentially help to support immune function, along with containing antiviral and antioxidant properties. And many people who use Echinacea do so to help shorten the duration of illness. 

Today, teens and young adults can take Echinacea in supplements, gummies, tablets, ointments, multivitamins, or herbal teas and extracts. However, you should only take supplements or use herbs as directed by a healthcare professional.


Perhaps one of the best ways to support a healthy body is to get plenty of exercises. And as a teen or young adult, you’ll be helping build quality habits if you engage in exercise while you’re young.

As we age, our bones and muscles weaken. And if you want to take full advantage of youthful health and help to support healthy aging, engaging in a moderate weekly exercise regimen is a great place to begin. 

Exercises which include aerobics, team sports, or any cardio workouts such as running, biking, or frequent walking are all great methods to help promote fitness at a young age. 

We’re only young once. And if you want to help support healthy aging, engaging in healthy behaviours while you still have youth on your side will enable you to build upon good health. After all, health is wealth. And becoming knowledgeable about how to promote health is worth its weight in gold.