Tomatoes are in season and what better way to celebrate than with bacon. And bread. And throw a little of the green stuff in for good measure. I am going to dare to be bold here and say that yes, you can improve upon perfection. Let’s spice it up a little.

Add a little heat by mixing some chile powder in with your mayo. This could be a rich ancho, smoked paprika or a flaky Aleppo pepper. Black pepper is mandatory but consider adding some chopped pickled jalapeños too.

Including the creamy goodness of sliced avocados is mind blowing. How about losing the mayonnaise and using a garlic aioli instead? Or ditch the bread and turn up the sweetness factor by serving your BLT on a waffle?

Fresh, fragrant, basil leaves will take the classic sandwich in a whole new direction and, while God created oregano specifically to use with tomatoes, you might want to go easy here, fresh oregano could easily over power your creation.

a tin of Veg Love spiceOur favourite addition is Veg Love — it adds that je ne sais quoi, enhancing the entire BLT experience with an intriguing balance of sweet from brown sugar granules, a little heat from blended chiles, with salt and savoury spices. Blend it with mayo or just sprinkle it directly onto the tomatoes. Try it, you’ll like it!