Living a healthier life can be a wonderful aim, but in practice, it quickly becomes confusing. Coffee both causes and prevents cancer, you say? First, having five smaller meals per day was the best way to keep trim and healthy, and now, they’re saying the opposite? Wait, the sugar companies bribed scientists to report that fat was the cause of all these problems, and it actually isn’t? Can I even trust studies if that’s the case?

Yes, the road to health is long and full of misleads. To make things even trickier, corporations have figured out that advertising something as “healthy” sells more of it, even if the advertising is false. The following will present seven simple, practical tips that can help you get healthier.

Have Plants In Your House

This tip doesn’t only improve your health; it also adds lively energy to your home. Houseplants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen, meaning they make the air more oxygen-rich. This, in turn, results in us having greater mental clarity, more oxygen-rich blood moving through our bodies, improved creativity, and focus, and boosted mood. To make this tip even more enticing, houseplants remove toxins from the air, which helps keep your lungs healthy. They also reduce your levels of stress and anxiety, which have both been linked to a myriad of serious chronic illnesses. Do yourself an easy favor and get a plant or two. If you’re worried you won’t be able to keep them alive, start with a spider plant, they’re pretty hardy and don’t get offended by overwatering as some other plants do.

​​Breathe Through Your Nose

Another incredibly easy tip that greatly improves your health. It turns out that almost everyone breathes wrong. When we take in air through the nose, we actually get 30% more oxygen into our blood, which is great for all our organs and our mental clarity. Proper breathing also reduces stress, which, again, is brutal for our health.

If you’re unable to breathe through your nose, this is a sign that something is wrong. It might just be a cold, but if it persists, you need to look into this. Humans aren’t supposed to be congested; this is not something you simply have to live with. You deserve to be able to breathe easily. Foremost, get your allergies tested and see if there might be something in your life that is putting your body under absurd stress because you have an intolerance or an allergy to it. Secondly, learn about body inflammation and the anti-inflammatory diet. You might need to give yourself a little extra attention when it comes to meals for a bit. Once you can breathe easily, you’ll be shocked by how much better you feel—not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Embrace Healthy Fats

Nearly everyone needs more Omega 3s in their diet, and most aren’t getting it. Include healthy fat foods like avocados, olive oil, seeds, and nuts (but not peanuts—they’re not actually a nut, they’re misnamed and have a ton of really negative impacts on your digestive system resulting in inflammation). For Keto Life has several tips on how to get more healthy fats into your diet (a ketogenic diet involves a focus on healthy fats and minimization of carbohydrates and sugars, as well as a focus on shortening the window in which you eat). Like everything else on this list, embracing healthy fats does more than increasing your life expectancy years from now (which it definitely does!). It also improves things right this moment. When you eat healthy fats, your mood improves, your stress levels go down, your anxiety goes down, and inflammation is soothed (which reduces pain).

No Diet Products Ever

Anything that replaces something bad for you (like sugar) with a synthetic alternative (like aspartame) is horrific for your health. Products that are designed to taste like they have full calories when they don’t, vegan foods that are designed to taste like animal products, “healthy” sodas, “healthy” chips, “healthy candy”—you get the idea—are all lies. The chemicals included in these products to produce the reward without the cost actually have a major cost. These types of products destroy your gut bacteria (which are needed for painless digestion and a good mood), damage your kidneys, slow your metabolism (so you’re actually more likely to gain weight), increase your risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and drastically increase your chances of depression. Some diet products have as much as a 30% increase in risk for depression.

herbs and olive oil

The above tips are all pretty easy to employ in your everyday life. Of course, these are only the beginning. Once you’ve mastered these, you can begin the search for more science-backed health tips. And yes, at some point, that means fighting your sugar addiction.