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Going on a vegan diet can be challenging as well as exciting. It’s all just a matter of perspective and how open you are about exploring your food options. Being vegan is more than just looking after your diet, it can even be considered a lifestyle. With this, strict vegans have particular requirements for the food they consume.

While spices are not necessarily considered food per se, they are nevertheless essential food items that bring out an enhanced flavor and aroma to the food we eat. As vegans, these spices also need to adhere to the vegan requirement that they should be wholly plant-based and not derived from animals or animal products. In order to help give more options for our vegan friends, we list here some vegan-friendly spices they can try out.

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Nutritional Yeast

While a vegan diet can be considered a healthy type of diet and reduces the health risks associated with a diet with high meat consumption, there are also certain nutritional needs that vegans must obtain using a substitute, especially protein. This is why it is essential for a vegan to have reliable vegan resources to help them prepare nutritionally balanced vegan food. When it comes to protein sources, these resources will surely include nutritional yeast among the top sources. Nutritional yeast is an essential spice that vegans can try due to its abundant protein content. It is rich in B-vitamins and amino acids, making it an essential alternative to meat protein This plant-based yeast also gives your food a cheesy and nutty flavor, which makes it a versatile vegan spice for many kinds of dishes.

Fresh Herbs

While herbs are considered a different classification from spices, these two go along well with each other and they help bring out amazing flavors to your food. They make nice alternatives to dry herbs and they add more aesthetic appeal to your dishes. You can try out the Scarborough Fair lineup of parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme and explore these herbs individually or in combination with each other to give your vegan food and adventurous twist.

Soy Sauce

This versatile spice and condiment is something vegans can also try. It is a great ingredient for making marinades for dishes made from tofu or tempeh. It is also a creative way of giving a touch of saltiness to your dishes.


This spice is well-known on vegan dishes and is something you can explore for new dishes. Turmeric brings about a savory and pleasantly sharp flavor, which will definitely hype up your appetite. Its yellow color gives food a more dazzling presentation, especially for tofu scrambles and omelets. Apart from this, turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps reduce the development of heart disease, diabetes and reduces symptoms of arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome.


Another versatile and widely used spice is cumin. It also passes vegan requirements as a plant-based ingredient, so you can now explore new flavors for your dishes. It adds a savory taste to different dishes and goes well with lentil and tofu dishes.

Cayenne Pepper

Giving your dishes a hot touch can fuel your dietary excitement. Cayenne also goes well with other spices and herbs and gives off a distinct aroma and taste. You can try out this spice to your dishes to give them a fiery punch.

Vegetable Broth

Your dishes don’t have to be always dry. Vegetable broth can bring great flavor to soups and stews. It also enhances the taste of simple and neutral-tasting dishes like rice, beans, and tofu.

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There are many vegan-friendly spices out there waiting to be discovered. All you need to do is be resourceful, creative, and open to discovering new flavors and ingredients. If you are concerned with getting the spices right and still true to your vegan diet requirements, you can always consult your trusty vegan resources. Just because you have a vegan diet doesn’t mean your food options are limited. With the proper resources, you can go ahead and explore more vegan dishes.