It comes as no surprise that people’s dietary habits have changed over the years. Like switching technologies and devices, eating regimens follow the same path, alternating and adjusting to the contemporary world and its order. 

However, many so-called diets have anecdotal evidence claiming to be the healthiest and most nutritious. They often repeat the mantra that meat is unhealthy and you must eliminate it from your diet, leaving lean poultry at best. Let’s dispel some common myths about meat and provide top-notch reasons why it’s the best food to add to your daily menu.

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Animal Products Are Demonized

In surfing the web, watching videos, and talking to various people, we often hear that meat adversely affects our health and planet. But let’s rewind and look at our ancestors’ eating habits. Regardless of location, meat was a staple for them. Indeed, sometimes they just ate grains, vegetables, fruit, and berries. However, these were hard times, and relying on bread was nothing but survival instincts.

Whenever they had an opportunity, they would cook beef stews, soups, and many other meals with animal products. 

Holidays were excellent reasons for them to butcher an animal and have a feast surrounded by the closest family members. They would send hand-written letters long before the event, inviting the closest ones to cherish sacred moments together. You, luckily, can invite your loved ones easily with these invitation templates. Create something extraordinary for your recipients and share it from the comfort of your home with a few clicks.

The Agenda is Misleading

Although we live in a democratic world, we still see the media imposing its agenda and people falling for commonly held perceptions. It’s not uncommon to run into anti-meat propaganda, stating that meat causes cancer and cardiovascular disease. We are programmed to avoid red meat because, purportedly, it raises our cholesterol, clogs arteries, and leads to a stroke. But in looking for good research confirming these statements, you won’t find a robust randomized control trial indicating that meat is dangerous. 

Reasons Meat is Superior to Other Food

It’s Extremely Nutritious and Bioavailable

Take any single food and compare it to meat, preferably ruminant meat, and you’ll see how superior it is. It’s not to say you should switch to a meat-only diet. Whatever you eat and feel you thrive on, keep doing that. What we are trying to say is that meat is a perfect thing to include in your meals for numerous reasons. For one, it’s rich in vitamins and minerals, including but not limited to creatine, carnitine, taurine, b12, and iron. 

Vegan proponents may say that plant-based food has these vitamins. And they will have a point to some extent. But how many of these vitamins do such foods contain? And how bioavailable are they? It’s not a secret that animal-based vitamins and minerals, especially protein, are highly bioavailable, meaning our bodies absorb much more than plant-based alternatives.

Including organ meats will top up the game even more. A small bite of beef liver or heart has enough daily nutrients, like folate and vitamin A.

It Makes You Satiated

Including animal-based protein in your meals will make you more satiated for extended periods, so you don’t have to snack now and then. Besides, constantly munching on something without letting your digestive system rest has proved harmful. Time-restricted eating is recommended to keep your insulin sensitivity in good shape.

It’s Different

From taste to texture to cooking time, meat is different. Some cuts are more tender, while others are juicier and fattier. The choice is yours; you can swap between poultry (chicken and turkey), pork, venison, and ruminants (sheep and cow). And don’t forget fish; it’s a superb source of omega-3 fat.

It’s Affordable

The world’s been in turmoil, causing prices and inflation to soar. With that said, meat is still the best value for its price. While a bag of romaine lettuce looks more affordable than two pounds of ground beef, the difference is not so apparent when comparing a price-to-pound ratio.

Tips on Upgrading Your Meals with Meat

The following are just a few simple ideas to spruce up your meals:

  • Make bone broth a staple: Being a fantastic source of collagen, bone broth is the thing to include in your meals. Whether chicken, pork, or beef, it tastes incredible! Drink it as it is, or make it a base for your soups or stews.
  • Use fattier and cheaper cuts: Don’t shun fatter meat cuts. Animal fat, especially that from grass-fed and grass-finished animals, is a treasure trove of vitamins. Instead of buying overpriced filet mignon, opt for cheaper pieces like briskets, sirloins, and rib-eyes.
  • Ground beef is the MVP for its price: Tight on a budget? Worry not, for minced meat is your go-to! It has enough fat and protein to make your meals tantalizing and palatable.

Meat is Your Friend 

It’s vital to have an open mind when maintaining your health. Don’t be dogmatic and gullible regarding eating habits and meat especially, as it’s arguably nourishing food for your body. Ensure to experience a whole spectrum of how meat tastes by cooking it differently and adding it to various meals. Bon appetit!