If you live in a condo and you probably don’t have any outdoor space to have a garden, you can make one indoors. How will that be possible? You can grow herbs indoors if you know the right way to do it. You can convert certain spaces in your condo to grow your herbs. All herbs need to grow is enough natural light and water. Most people prefer to have their indoor herb garden in the kitchen, but the best place to put it is close to the window where it can receive natural light.

If your windows are facing either the east or west, there is a likely chance that your plant will receive natural light because the sun faces these directions. Herbs need at least four hours of sunlight every day to grow. However, if your window faces north or south, there is a slimmer chance of getting enough sunlight for the plant. Here are a few tips to help you create your herb garden in your condo.

Test For Sunlight

If you are unsure of where to place your herb garden, you can do a little test for sunlight. The only way you can do this is to turn off the lights on a sunny day and watch where the sun directs its light in your condo. You can then know where the sun hits harder in a particular sport in your condo. The hottest spot will be the best position for your garden.

Make  Drainage

You must give your plant enough room for drainage. You can do this by placing a drain pan under the pot to hold the water or a saucer. This helps to protect the surface where the herb pots will be sitting on. You will need to check the drain pan regularly to ensure the water it collects doesn’t overflow.

Get The Right Planting Pots

When getting pots for growing your herbs, avoid using clay saucers. Water can easily pass through clay and the clay will absorb the water while leaving the soil dry. It is better to use plastic, rubber, or even a metal container to grow your herbs. Also, you should consider the size of the pot you are getting for your herbs. The size you choose is determined by the type of herb you choose to plant. If it is a deep-rooted herb, you will need to make sure the pot has enough depth to allow the plant to fully develop. The standard size of pots for herbs is usually around 8 inches in diameter.

Soil For Planting

It is also important you know the type of soil to use. It is best to use soil mixtures for planting herbs or soil mixtures suitable for containers. If you use garden soil for indoor planting, it won’t allow your herbs to grow. You need to measure the amount of soil you put in each of the pots for planting. It should be measured based on the dimensions of the container.

Pick The Right Herbs For Your Location

One important thing to consider when growing herbs in your condo is your weather. Your herbs will only grow well if it is planted under the right climate. If you are planting your herbs in places with a humid climate you will need herbs that can thrive under moisture. Ontario has a continental climate but if you go farther south to live in condo units around Etobicoke which has a humid climate, you can grow herbs like mint and chervils because they survive best in moist weather.


It is fun having a garden in your condo and there are easy ways to go about it that won’t take much of your time. If you are a beginner, it would be best to start with the basil plant because they are easier to grow, unlike other herbs.  You should also remember that your plant will need regular watering if you want it to grow.