The lack of bright colors or catchy decorative elements that make the interior truly original and eye-catching is a common problem in modern kitchens.

We suggest in this article to consider successful options for using an active color, which can become a kind of “anchor” and create a special, bold festive atmosphere in a room where the whole family meets every day.

kitchen design

1. Center of gravity

The dining table is an integral and one of the main elements of the kitchen furnishings, and if the dimensions of the room allow, then the dimensions of this piece of furniture can be very impressive. The material can be luxurious wood or light glass, durable metal or polycarbonate. But we especially like the decision of the cardinal coloring of the table in a rich shade, for example, scarlet, herbal, dandelion, ocher. Since these colors are natural, they will organically fit into the main gamut of the kitchen interior, without causing dissonance in it.

Remember that the dining area should be kept in an exceptionally pleasant natural range, which, if it includes rich shades, is perceived by the eyes of a person only favorably.

A bright small table with curly elements (legs – balusters, underframe) is worthy of all praise and the title of the main art object in a neutral minimalist kitchen interior.

2. Heart of the kitchen

A kitchen decorated in a modern style with simple forms of furniture, laconic accessories, and lighting fixtures should still stand out due to a catchy accent element. This may well be colored household appliances, for example, a refrigerator or a gas stove with an electric oven.

This is not only very beautiful but also very symbolic because the stove is a descendant of the old oven, that is, the personification of the hearth in which the fire does not go out, warming the whole house. This is why we recommend installing a bright orange, red or yellow stove.

3. Focus on the work area

You can also highlight with the help of color the area that is used for processing food. The hostess spends a lot of time here, therefore, comfortable conditions are simply necessary. So, not only a clean and functional work surface matters but also adjacent surfaces, such as a protective apron or even an entire wall (if there is no upper tier of cabinets).

If you revet this area with ceramic tiles of a rich shade, you can significantly save on the design of the retaining walls, because a full-fledged active element will appear in the room, which does not require addition.

A bright countertop above the kitchen cabinets of the lower tier or island is not at all trivial, because not many will be able to decide on such an experiment, but it’s worth it. An accent will appear in the kitchen, which carries a useful function.

4. Instead of a sculpture

Today, the current trend is the use of furniture from different styles in the kitchen. That is, along with the main objects of simple geometric shapes with smooth facades, you can install an elegant cupboard for dishes or even a whole sideboard with carved decor and elegant fittings.

But the main thing here is the color of a built-in or free-standing object, it is decisive for the entire interior because it helps to create a sculptural accent. You should not be afraid of bright colors, and here we again recommend turning to wildlife: a coral, cobalt, or azure piece of furniture will refresh the kitchen, and your well-being in it will always be positive.

Do not rush to get rid of the old grandmother’s wooden sideboard, it can still come in handy, and will help you significantly save on purchasing a dish cabinet. Remove the old layers of paint and varnish, use putty to remove chips and bumps, prime the surface, and then cover with two or three coats of fresh paint in a rich shade you like. We are confident that the result will definitely be amazing.

And if you don’t have any vintage furniture piece, you might pay attention to the Nyfurnitureoutlets that has a wide assortment of products in this design style.

5. Bright light around

Often, even during the daytime in autumn and winter, there is not enough light in the room, so you have to use additional light sources. In the kitchen, bright high-quality light is simply necessary, which means that each of the functional areas should be supplemented with sconces, spots, suspensions, diode lamps, or other illumination.

By the way, you have an excellent opportunity to add beautiful colors to the interior without significant investments or purchase of bright furniture. Just choose unusual lighting fixtures made of colored glass, painted metal. You can also order the production of unique illumination on the wall in the form of a wide variety of objects, food, phrases, or letters of your choice.

Colored lampshades of pendant lamps or stylish illumination in the dining area on the wall will add a dosed amount of bright colors to the kitchen interior: just as much as you need.

6. Lively accent

Green plants are natural spots of color that transform into a splash of color in a light monochrome kitchen interior (or dark one). We recommend paying attention to simple clay, ceramic pots with no patterns or with light ethnic motives – this is a real trend today. And don’t forget about terracotta vessels – in them the plants not only look organic but feel great.

kitchen design

Living luscious greenery, young decorative trees with fruits, and flowering plants are an easy way to make your kitchen bright, but cozy, beautiful, but not pretentious.