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It is safe to say that we have finally moved on from the practice of smoking as a society. After a long and uphill battle against the tobacco industry, cigarettes are becoming less commonplace in the public sphere.

And that is for a very good reason! Not only have they been proven time and time again to deteriorate overall health and quality of life drastically, but they also cost a lot, smell bad, and are pretty unattractive habit to have.

In fact, smoking cigarettes has been consistently linked to failing cardiovascular health, increased chances of strokes, and lung cancer that can spread to other organs in the body. That is not to mention the minor but often neglected effects such as sallow and yellow skin, tooth decay, and weak immune systems. Click on this link for more information: 

These days, plenty of people have turned to flawless vape instead, and it is clear to see why. Due to the lack of smoke, there is no unpleasant smell that sticks to your clothes or makes people around you cough. Additionally, many substances that cause cancers, such as carbon monoxide and tar, are not included in vapes. People can consume pure substances such as nicotine without harming themselves.

But vape use is not limited only as an alternative to cigarettes. On the contrary, this method of “smoking” has been gaining popularity in the cannabis community too! Many people who have never even smoked cigarettes before have turned to cannabis vapes nowadays.

What could motivate a non-smoker to pick up a vape pen finally? The reasons for this drastic shift are numerous. Stay with us as we give a short but not exhaustive list of why you too should get on the vape train!

The advantages for getting your vape pen

CBD Vape pens

We already gave a few reasons for why you should trade in your cigarettes for a fancy vaporizer, but if statistics are to be believed, the smoking figures were at an all-time low anyway. So, why should you decide to start vaping if you have never smoked until now?

Well, as we mentioned, plenty of folks nowadays use vapes to consume cannabis. With the legalization of this plant spreading all over the nation, it is only natural that you would be curious to try it, right? Now you can do it safely without fear that someone might smell it on you in public and give you judgmental looks or the hassle of rolling a joint half full of tobacco.

Moreover, vaping is one of the best ways to feel the effects of marijuana. Don’t believe us? Scientific studies show that the bioavailability, or the proportion of a particular substance entering your bloodstream, is as high as 70 percent for vaping! In comparison, smoking only results in about 30 percent of CBD entering your body, and other methods such as oil or edibles as low as 6 to 20 percent. Clearly, vaping is the best way to get the most for your money.

Another reason for transitioning to vaping is care for the environment. Namely, no one wants to see joint filters all over the place on their daily walks! And even if you take care to dispose of them in the trash cans, they still end up contributing to pollution. Not only are water sources affected, but many animals also mistake them for food and frequently end up choking on them. Read more about this issue here.

If you still need convincing, we can point out the clear, hygienic benefits of buying your vape pen. When smoking cannabis, especially with others, it is customary to share the joint with others, and usually, someone else rolls it and breaks up the flower if there is no grinder around. This can present a lot of hygienic issues that you might not be comfortable within the current climate. That is why we advise you to get your personal vape pen that only you will use.

Besides, you could also save loads of money just by using vape pens. Indeed, many of them use replaceable cartridges, but some offer the option of refiling the ones you already have! In those cases, all you need to do is buy the oil in the scent you prefer, and you are good to go!

Speaking of scents, vaping does not just get rid of the pungent smell of marijuana, but it offers the complete opposite – pleasant aromas that emulate some of your favorite foods and drinks. Some stores provide products such as Cheefbotanicals vape cartridges with CBD, where you can get any flavor from standard ones like menthol to unbelievable ones like cereal breakfast or mimosas! But if the CBD and the smell get you hungry, don’t blame it on us!

Have you made your decision yet?

We hope we have convinced you of all the advantages of getting a vape pen, and you are on your way to a store to buy one. For whatever reason you might need it, it is evident that vaping is the way to go these days. 

It is sleek, discreet, and unlike other smoking devices, allowed in numerous places of service. If you are looking to calm your nerves down before an important meeting or to forego a beer in the bar and relax with some cannabis, CBD vapes are the right choice for you!