Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s one of the most versatile foods accepted worldwide. Pizza is quite a healthy meal. Both binge eaters and those who love sophisticated palates enjoy pizza. The complexity of pizza makes most people believe it is impossible to prepare the meal at home. However, pizza contains some cheese, sauce, meat, and dough. You can access all these at home. Therefore you can prepare pizza at home. Unfortunately, pizza cannot be as sweet without certain herbs and spices. These accessories are responsible for the addictive taste of pizza you enjoy. Want to know them? These are the herbs and spices that will help you make the perfect pizza at home:


1. Oregano

Oregano is an incredible spice in the mint family. It is a special spice that you should never lack in your kitchen cabinets. The unique pungent camphor flavor and the savory taste of this spice can make your pizza enviably sweet. You can always use it in place of mint. Oregano is a favorite ingredient in most Italian foods. 

Additionally, oregano has some medicinal effects. It can help with pain relief and fever management. Oregano can help you fight headaches and ease joint and muscle pain. Oregano also comes in 40 varieties so you have a wide choice. You can add some dried or fresh leaves to your pizza and either way you’ll benefit from its healing effects and flavor.

Oregano is also a topping you can’t help but have on your pizza. You can accompany it with some spinach and pepperoni for an unforgettable experience. Oregano is a must-use spice for pizza lovers as it can make your homemade pizza worthy for promotion at the Deal drop. Get it right with this spice and you’ll experience an executive taste you enjoy when you buy pizza from your nearest pizza palace.

2. Pepper

Ensure you include some crushed red pepper flakes in your pizza. However, only add as much as you are willing to enjoy some extra heat. If you have family members who love spicy dishes, add enough pepper to satisfy them. Conversely, you can leave it quite bland if you’re not a big fan of hot spices.

Red pepper can complement your meat, vegetables, and grated cheese. It also perfects the sausage and pepperoni toppings. This pepper can sweeten the cheese’s dairy components and enhance the breakdown of capsaicin to make your pizza reasonably hot to enjoy.

Black pepper is also a beautiful herb for your pizza.  This spice can give your pizza some sharp woody and pony tastes all at once. You cannot deny the little biting and hot effects of the spice in your pizza. Add it to your dough for the best results. Remember to add only a reasonable amount as it’s not a flavoring agent rather a heat-up agent for your meal.

3. Basil

Basil, like oregano, belongs to the mint family. Consequently, you can add basil to every meal in which you add oregano. It’s a perfect savory herb that can enhance your pizza taste. Basil can add some sweet taste and healing effects to your pizza as it has some licorice flavor. Always use basil as you prepare the tomato sauce for your pizza. You can also use basil as a  topping. Should you choose to use basil for topping, opt for fresh leaves. They have a beautiful appearance and a better taste.

4. Garlic

Garlic is the most essential spice for topping pizza. Garlic is a perfect topper if it’s roasted. Garlic can make your pizza tastier. Anyone loves the aromatic smell of garlic. It can thus give your pizza a unique hint and is perfect for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.


5. Rosemary

Rosemary is a must-include herb in your pizza if you want some serious flavor. Rosemary’s pointy leaves and woody stems give the spice a tangy and pine flavor. You’ll love the woody smell of rosemary in every slice of your pizza. However, you must use this herb sparingly. Its powerful effects can overpower all the ingredients in your pizza.

For better results, use rosemary as you prepare your pizza sauce. Also if you intend to add some Italian meat chunks or sausages to your pizza, ensure you add rosemary as a topping. Rosemary is not suitable for use as a fresh topping like basil.

You can make some premium class pizza right at your home. Use the required amounts of oregano, black and red pepper, and you’ll love the hotness of your pizza. Basil is also a vital ingredient you can use as a fresh topping for your pizza. Don’t forget to add some garlic for an aromatic taste. Rosemary too is perfect for your pizza sauce. These herbs also have some health effects on your body. You’ll benefit from both the flavors and the health impacts.