steak over bbq flames

Do you consider yourself an above-average griller? If you can cook your steak to medium-rare, but your fish flakes or burgers sometimes get dry, it’s time to re-evaluate your expertise. Luckily, professional grilling hacks can help you take your barbeque game to the next level.
Here are a few tips worth keeping in mind.

1. Turn Your Grill to a DIY Smoker

If you’re the type who craves smoky flavor barbeque, it’s a great idea to turn your charcoal grill or gas into a DIY smoker. All you need is wood chips, a tin pan, and water. When using a charcoal grill, ensure that you place charcoal briquette with pre-soaked wood covering one-half on your grill. It would be best to lay a disposable tin pan halfway filled with water or apple juice (to add flavor).
The liquid’s purpose is to maintain moisture and regulate temperature when cooking your meat at a lower temperature for an extended time. When using a gas grill that doesn’t feature a wood chip compartment, consider placing your pre-soaked wood chip in a tin pan. The next important step is to cover your tin foil and poke holes for ventilation.

2. Prepare Your Meat for Grilling in Advance

The greatest concern about grilling chilled raw meat is that your meat will be overcooked around the edges but raw at the center. If you ordered Cleaver’s Organic meat one day before barbequing and have it stored in your refrigerator, ensure that it’s removed 30 minutes before grilling. When your meat comes to room temperature, you’re not at risk of serving meat that is cold inside and warm on the outside.

Room temperature meat also doesn’t just grill faster, but it’s safe to consume.  Once your meat has reached room temperature, you need to pat it with a paper towel, lightly pat it with olive oil then generously season it. Having done all this will ensure you have a perfectly prepared meal for yourself and your friends.

3. A Meat Thermometer Can Come in Handy

Whenever you’re cooking on a grill, never try to puncture your meat with a knife or folk. Instead, use turners or tongs and a high-quality thermometer to check your meat’s internal temperature. Remember that high heat of between 450°-650° Fahrenheit is highly recommended when preparing tuna steak, kabobs, pork chops, and steak.

By heating your grill to about 500° Fahrenheit, you’ll create a sizzle when your meat hits the grates. You’ll even produce an attractive sear mark your guests will love. Medium heat of between 375°-450° Fahrenheit is perfect for cooking fish, vegetables, and hamburgers. This temperature cooks your proteins slower, ensuring that the middle portion attains the right internal temperature.

4. Proper Ventilation is Necessary

For a great barbeque experience, you need to have a properly ventilated firebox. Your fire shouldn’t smolder but burn freely. The best way to tell whether you’ve got proper ventilation is by checking the color of your smoke. A well-ventilated grill should be billowing light blue smoke instead of white.
One way you can attain proper ventilation is by opening the vents on the firebox. You can even maintain heat in the cooking chamber by ensuring that the smokestack vent is always open. The downside with some smokers is that they aren’t well designed, and firebox vents are sometimes placed above the fire chamber.

plate with bbq lobster

5. Stay Clear of Lighter Fluid

When cooking on a charcoal grill, you need to avoid using lighter fluids as you’re highly likely to start a fire. While most lighter fluids may “burn off” their fumes, they still add a chemical taste to your meat. Just like most grill masters, you should start your fire with a chimney starter. This is a small chimney that you stuff newspapers at the bottom and charcoal briquettes on top.

Once your charcoal begins to turn grey and the top starts to ash over, you’re ready to dump it on your grill. The other convenient way to start your charcoal grill is by using paraffin lighter cubes. Begin by building your charcoal into a mound, and place one or two paraffin cubes. Once you light the cubes, they’ll light your charcoal in about 15 minutes.

The best way to get your friends and family together is by having a barbeque. While this may be a fun-filled experience, it also means that you’ve got to find ways you can prepare tasty means. If you’re an inexperienced griller, you’ll hardly attain perfection without research. That being the case, this in-depth guide should act as the first step to achieve that perfect grilling experience.