Plantlife is a beautiful thing, and it’s something that many people enjoy. Most of us have a green thumb – we may not be able to grow anything outside in the wintertime, but inside with artificial lighting and proper care, we can create an amazing environment for plants. This blog post will teach you how to take your indoor space from drab to fab by incorporating some lovely greenery!

several indoor plants

What Kind Of Plants You’re Interested In Growing

Indoor plants can help spruce up your living space and give you a nice relaxing area to relax in. 

Plants provide oxygen for us, we provide them with nutrients they need to grow! A few examples of common indoor houseplants are Pothos, Spider plant, Aloe vera, however, unusual house plants can make a great addition to your living space. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to growing these friendly little buddies I would recommend starting off small or just doing what I did and getting one that’s low maintenance such as the spider plant which only needs indirect sunlight and occasional watering every once in a while.

Find A Good Pot For Your Plant

The best pots for growing plants are typically terracotta or plastic ones. Make sure that you get a pot that’s big enough to fit the plant in, but small enough so it doesn’t take up too much room on your window sill! If needed, re-pot your plants if they become root-bound (meaning their roots will be visible around the outside of the soil) or if their leaves droop down and look sad when watered.

Make sure the drainage holes in the bottom of the plant’s pot have been covered with pebbles so that it doesn’t get flooded when watering and add some nice decorative rocks around the outside of your container that looks dull from all that black plastic.

Make Sure Your Soil Is Moist

Some plants, such as the Aloe vera and cactus do not require a lot of water to keep them alive. Others, however, need a little bit more TLC to survive in your living space! Make sure you read up on what type of plant life you have so that you know how often it needs watering – obviously don’t want to drown it or leave it sitting there dry for too long. A helpful tip is when picking out soil for your plants make sure they are labeled with an “organic” symbol which means they will hold moisture well enough without drowning your new friend (the Eiffel Tower pictured above).

If all else fails just remember this important rule: every time you water the plant adds another marble size amount of dirt. Another helpful tip is to water your plants in the morning or evening when it’s not too hot outside! Otherwise, if you’re inside with no air conditioning and your plant gets watered while you are out at work all day they could end up getting burnt from its own sun rays shining on it throughout the afternoon!

Green living space is something that all homes should strive for. Indoor plants are a great way to make your home feel more like you and help reduce stress levels, which can only be good! Now go ahead and find yourself some awesome new indoor plants – they’re well worth having around!