Prague is known for its rich culture, architectural beauty and beer. Bur, there is a lot more to this East European city, and food is one of the first things that comes to your mind. Be it Goulash or Palačinky, chimney cake or open faced sandwich, pick whatever suits your taste buds; Prague will not disappoint you. Tangy, savoury or sweet, there is something for everyone. So, if you are hoping to sample the best food the city has to offer, this food guide can come to your aid. 

1. Palačinky

Palačinky tops the list whenever people think about what to eat in Prague. Similar to French crepes, these Czech pancakes differ only in the batter and method of preparation. If you have a sweet tooth, this item, rolled up and offered with fruit, jam, nuts, or cream filling, is the perfect treat for you. In case you like savoury treats, cheese, meat, and spinach fillings can go with your pancake. However, remember that owing to the high amount of paprika, the dish can be extremely spicy.

2. Goulash

Originating in Hungary, this dish has made a place in the hearts of the Czech people and has become a staple food item in the country’s cuisine. The Czech version, unlike the Hungarian version, has a higher quantity of meat and fewer vegetables. 

It is a beef preparation, but in the event of its unavailability or your preference for an alternative, you may also have a pork or chicken-based dish. Stewed meat, with a generous topping of gravy and bread dumplings, can make your day.

3. Grilled Sausage

No food list in Prague will ever be complete without mentioning the fantastic grilled sandwich. The sausage, tucked into a bread roll and dressed with several tasty sauces, is a delightful addition to your food experience list, which you can read out to your friends back home.

4. Chimney Cake

Even though it originates in Transylvania, Romania, this pastry is a much-loved street food item in Prague amongst both tourists and locals. While you eat, do not let the name of the originating place intimidate you. 

If you wish to be mesmerized by Prague’s kitchens, just watch how the food is prepared. It is a savoury and sweet pastry made by wrapping dough around a stick, which is then heated over a flame till the pastry turns golden brown. The spicy sweetness and the touch of salt you experience just after you bite is a contribution of the cinnamon sugar in which the stick is rolled and brushed with some butter. With delicious fillings inside, the dish makes for a heavenly grub.

5. Open-faced sandwich

Chlebíčky or open-faced sandwich is ideal for breakfast and lunch as it makes for a filling and quick meal. It is an awesome dish during parties with toppings like salami, egg, ham, cucumber, and pickles. Stop at a deli while travelling to taste the assortment of toppings to experience a salvo of flavours and textures at a go. 

6. Braised beef with dumplings

The beef eye fillet cooked with vegetables is one of the most popular dishes in Prague. But, make sure to have this dish when you have time at your disposal because the preparation time is two hours. 

If you are into a mix of sweet and spice, then the beef slices seasoned with carrot and parsnip sauce will compel you to roll your eyes. A plate consists of cream, boiled bread dumplings, lemon slices and, in some places, cranberries. Eat and lose yourself in a universe of the best.

7. Knedlo

Roasted pork served with dumplings and stewed cabbage is another must-try in Prague. While the delicious dumplings taste delightful, the cabbage offers a high amount of fibre, making the dish a nutrient-balanced option.  

8. Koláče

Just in case you want to treat yourself to another sweet dish post-meal, try a tasty little pasty. Koláče is filled with poppy seeds, cheese or jam and is ideal for ending a meal. 

9. Moravian Wine

It may appear that most people drink beer in Prague, but many appreciate a glass of excellent wine. Take a sip of the local Moravian wine and immerse yourself in repeated sips of pleasure. 

These are some of the tastiest and conventional dishes found in Prague and other Czech cities. The food available here is simple yet rich, making the cuisine a blend of taste and health. Without much ado, order a dish every day of your trip and enjoy your food. Prague will not disappoint you.