The holiday season is fast approaching and yet again the stress of finding the right gift for everyone is not far behind. The toughest part about shopping for people is making sure you get them something they want and hopefully something they need.

The most stubborn people to shop for are those guys in your life because it usually comes down to them not mentioning what they want nor caring what they get. This makes it difficult, so maybe you could go with some flowers, but here are some better ideas to satisfy them with your shopping.

Jerky Bouquet 

Alright so maybe guys do like flowers, but not the same kinds that most women like. What you can get is a jerky bouquet. You also might be thinking what exactly is a jerky bouquet? It sounds weird, but a jerky bouquet for men is simply a flower bouquet arranged with different types of beef jerky. It adds a little flair to simply handing someone a big bag of beef jerky plus it is better than just any store-bought beef jerky. So if you want to know if men like flowers too, they probably would if it were entirely edible and made of meat.

Sock and Underwear Subscription

How many times has that guy in your life complained about having holes in their favorite boxers or socks? Not many times probably which is the problem. Guys will wear things down until they are barely usable, which is why a sock and underwear subscription box can really help. They send a monthly collection of new socks or undies to keep that helps eliminate the need to go shopping regularly, and many of them are quite stylish. Even if they will wear them until there is no tread on the tires, at least help them find something to replace them.

Indoor Putting Green

Winter is quickly approaching for many which means no more outdoor activities and more time spent indoors. While the snow may be keeping people away from the golf courses, the solution is right in front of your eyes. An indoor putting green provides a fun, relaxing activity to help hone some important golf skills for when the courses reopen again in the spring and summer. Getting that man in your life an indoor putting green will keep them happy and distracted when they are not able to get out and enjoy the real thing, so at least this will do until then.

Chin-Up Bar

Getting in good exercise is also a great way to stay active during the colder months and in general. Home gyms can be expensive with all of the equipment you need to buy, and you might not have space. The solution is as simple as a door frame mounted chin-up bar. This handy piece of exercise equipment is cheap, easy to place nearly anywhere in the home, and provides a good (almost) full-body workout at home. Keeping him fit is important, and a chin-up bar is a great way to do that.


Does your man enjoy music? Does he find the quality of his phone speaker or speaker system is not as crisp as it can be? The problem with buying a professional sound system is that they are incredibly expensive, but the good thing is that you can all enjoy the crisp, natural sound of vinyl on a turntable. Turntables, or record players to clear the confusion for some, are no longer bulky and expensive. Many of them come in well under $300, but you need a good receiver and speakers as well. Still, with the quality of the vinyl sound, it is hard to go wrong here.

Kitchen Set 

The idea of domestication is dead as men are just as likely to cook as women, so they deserve to use the best possible tools to cook up a meal for you or the family too. Getting them a good knife set, or a durable cast iron pan, or a new mixer can help them have fun in the kitchen. Not only does it let them get the job done in the kitchen, but it gives you some much-needed rest while they tackle the hard part of cooking.

No one ever said shopping for guys was easy, and most of you know that by now. No matter who it is, dad, brother, boyfriend, husband, etc. it can be tricky finding the right gift for them. This list helps you find something they will use or find joy with, and even includes some flowers that they might actually enjoy.