Making crawfish is very simple. You will require a big pot, a source of heat, water, vegetables, seasoning, live crawdads, pot hooks, and some newspapers to put in your crawfish. However, many people, especially in Louisiana, where crawfish are taken in plenty, have made it an art in preparing these delicacies. While others are doing it for the first time, others find ways to improve their skills in preparing this seafood.

How do you improve your skills in making crawfish? There are various ways you can use to become better when preparing crawfish. This article will explain some handy tips you can use to improve your skills. Here are the suggestions.

Get Set Up for the Boil

You will find some crawfish in a particular place tasting better than others. The reason is that the individuals set themselves perfectly for the boil and perfected their art.  A good crawfish boil setup shouldn’t go beyond $100 if you have your heating source ready.

First, it is better to buy a perfect burner that can effectively heat a big boiling pot. Secondly, you will then need a huge boiling pot, preferably a 120-quart pot that can handle any amount of crawfish. Also, as seen on Hook’d On Pot, you will require an aluminum hook that hooks on the pot to help lift and hold the loaded basket. It would be best to also get a paddle for stirring – 36 to 48 inches, which won’t cost much.

Other things you might need are a 36-inch-long strainer, a 35-inch stainless perforated spoon, and some mesh bags to separate the vegetables from what’s in the boiling pot.

What and How Much to Buy

Like other cooking ingredients, you have to know what to buy and the quantity. Typically, in Louisiana, you have to get 4 to 5 pounds of crayfish per person. That means you will require double of this when two and so on. However, having an outsider means that you should buy less since the crawfish might not be their favorite.

It would be best not to get the dead, muddy crayfish. Therefore, when purchasing the same, find a reputable seller that deals with all kinds of seafood. The crawfish should be alive, nice, and clean, ready for boiling. Also, it would be important to get crawfish of the same size, as they will take almost the same time to cook.

Purging and Seasoning


You shouldn’t purge your crawfish, as soaking them in saltwater will kill and damage them before cooking time. Only crabs are purged. Put them on a basket strainer, hose and shake them.

When it comes to seasoning, it all depends on an individual. However, it is recommended to use powdered boil seasoning. Zatarain’s food season, found in supermarkets, is mostly used when making crawfish. It is important to follow the label instructions when seasoning to avoid messing your crayfish boil. While some of the off-the-shelf seasonings contain salt, you may want to add some to make your crawfish tastier.

Lastly, it would be best to be mindful of the vegetables to add to your boil. Sliced garlic and halved lemons are the perfect fit. You can also add some potatoes and corn on cobs, which you should give adequate time to cook.

Another consideration you have to note is the cooking time. You shouldn’t rather boil, but put the water to boil, then let the crawfish simmer in hot water. It is also important to keep on stirring and testing the mixture to ensure that everything cooks and blends well. When you follow these tips, you will have some good-tasting crawfish.