If you intend to invest in real estate in the emirate of Dubai, buying property in Biltmore Residences Sufouh might prove to be a wise decision. For a knowledgeable investment, there are many benefits, as well as delightful pricing and practical services.

Property in Biltmore Residences Sufouh

Biltmore Residences Sufouh is a luxurious complex of exclusive apartments in the heart of the hectic life of Dubai. This house meets the highest standards of quality and comfort, which is emphasized by their similarity to a great location overlooking the sea.

The complex incorporates the best in technology and manners, ideally meeting your desire for living in elegant interiors with wide panoramic windows and contemporary furnishings.

You will be able to experience all the benefits of life, thanks to the organization of the highest quality subscriber service, ensuring complete security and privacy of residents, increased assistance in supporting household and leisure services.

To spend time in nature, Biltmore Residences Sufouh is located near the famous beaches of Dubai, which can be reached by car or public transport. Here you will also find many cosy eateries, shops and entertainment, so as not to be bored for a single minute.

As a result, Biltmore Residences Sufouh is not just an apartment; it is an immersion in all the beauty of culture and exclusivity of life in Dubai!

Property for sale in Biltmore Residences Sufouh

If you are one of those who prefer a full range of services, the complex has full room service and laundry services. As a member of the community, you will always have access to personalized concierge services to help improve your quality of life.

Are the apartments at Biltmore Residences Sufouh right for you? It depends on your needs and requirements, but we are sure that they have everything to offer you the best solution for your home in Dubai. Their spacious 1 and 2 bedroom suites with their own private balcony provide the convenience and feel of being at home. The kitchens are beautifully furnished with modern equipment and space for everything you need. High ceilings, spacious showers and comfortable furniture create the comfort you deserve.

Living at Biltmore Residences Sufouh is a unique opportunity and is the perfect option for those looking for a compromise between luxury and cosiness, convenience and modernity. They make sure that you get the best accommodation in one of the most exclusive areas of Dubai. There is no doubt that you will feel at home with us and enjoy life in the most comfortable space you can find in this city. Perhaps you will sincerely feel the beauty of this complex and become its permanent resident.

Real estate prices

The price of apartments in Biltmore Residences Sufouh is determined by some of its exclusivity, but also reflects the high level of comfort and services provided to its audience. By the way, for those who are looking not just for stylish apartments, but who want to acquire some kind of eminent status and self-sufficiency here, there are exclusive apartment options that can be offered on an individual recommendation of the specialists.

If you want to own an apartment in Biltmore Residences Sufouh, then without a doubt this will be the best solution, which is a combination of comfort, style, luxury, convenience and exclusivity, which will be brought into line with the status of its owner. This option of finding housing will provide you with prestige and comfort at the highest level.

Property in Biltmore Residences Sufouh for investment

The new housing development is an excellent location to purchase real estate for investment. The luxurious penthouses and flats at Biltmore Residences Sufouh are expected to be in high demand among renters and purchasers due to the position near the sea shore and outstanding hotel service.

  • A one-bedroom flat in Al Sufouh typically returns 7% on investment. Here, a one-bedroom flat can set you back AED 90,000 (USD 25,000) annually. 
  • Three-bedroom, high-end penthouses may be rented for AED 450,000 (USD 123 000) each year.

Real estate in Dubai

The website biltmore-sufouh.com offers a variety of real estate possibilities in luxury home projects. Visit their website, select whether you want an apartment or a penthouse, and enter the parameters of your budget. Without a doubt, there must be something for everyone!