The taste and aroma wafting from a steaming cup of coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans gives an unmatched experience. Make your morning coffee right at home; check out the Baratza encore coffee grinder, which grinds roasted beans in close to 40 consistencies. 

Today, nothing can be more relaxed than brewing your morning coffee right in the comfort of your home with choice, roasted beans ground fresh. With the pandemic keeping everyone indoors most of the time, no one can afford to dash to the coffee shop now and then for a refreshing cup of coffee. It is all in-house, especially for people working from home, where you need to keep replenishing yourself with hot cups of coffee to keep yourself going. 

Given the current situation, the coffee grinder market is set to grow at a fantastic pace up to 2028, as per expert opinion. 

Here are some reasons why your Baratza coffee grinder can give you a great coffee experience:

Nothing Beats Freshly Ground Coffee

Who wants stale coffee or the standard instant coffee that doesn’t have an authentic flavor? Even pre-ground coffee need not be fresh when you buy it off the shelf, and such coffee is without life as it has color but no natural flavor. 

Moreover, stale coffee always tastes bitter and tends to spoil the taste in your mouth, which lingers for a long time. In contrast, use a Baratza encore coffee grinder, and you’ll notice the difference in flavor and taste. 

A Riot of Exotic Flavors

You can enjoy unique flavors when you grind your coffee in your coffee grinder at home. Freshly ground coffee brewed at home can come in several exotic flavors, including cinnamon, Blueberries, apples, and brown sugar. 

The trick lies in grinding the beans just before brewing so that the taste lingers in your mouth for a long time. It would help if you didn’t wait long enough for the oxygen to interact with your coffee. It is similar to what happens to apples when you cut them, or bread, for that matter, which reacts with oxygen and loses the flavor. 

When oxidation occurs to coffee, the mild evaporation of aromatic oils makes the coffee lose its unique taste. These aromatic oils are responsible for the fruity and floral flavors of great coffee. Did you know that ground coffee loses its flavor faster than the whole bean? That’s why you need to grind the coffee minutes before brewing it. 

Grinding to your Consistency

You’ll get pre-ground coffee in the consistency it comes in, mainly fine. Finely ground coffee lacks flavor and tastes bland. With your coffee grinder at home, you can grind the beans coarse to fine, somewhere in between where you can extract the hint of flavor that lingers in good coffee. 

The lack of a personal coffee grinder can deny you the ecstasy of sipping freshly brewed coffee at home. You can set the consistency of the grind size to match your brewer to get that unique coffee experience. 

Better Coffee, on Demand

You can set your standards and strive to achieve them when brewing some excellent coffee at home. Such experiments are possible only when you have a coffee grinder at home, allowing you to brew better coffee on demand (from yourself). 

As you keep brewing, you’ll attain the expertise of a coffee barista. After experimenting with freshly ground coffee, ground to the consistency it demands. You can ensure that the flavor in the coffee is retained at the extraction stage and is present in the steaming cup you sip. 

Freshly brewed coffee takes some perfection as it is a process where water interacts with the fresh grind by penetrating the coffee cells to extract the unique flavor present within. Water has the quality of extracting the flavor from the compounds present in coffee and mellows them to a consistency you can enjoy. 

Controlling the Extraction Using your Coffee Grinder

It is the size of the grind that determines the ultimate flavor of your home-brewed coffee. If you don’t extract the coffee properly, the result is the typical acidic taste and flavor, indicating the subtle flavor is lost. So, you probably need to grind the beans slightly finer to speed up the extraction process. 

Remember that the extraction process cannot be too slow or too fast, both of which ruin the flavor. Attaining the right balance between fine and coarse for the grind is what helps get the perfect taste for your home-brewed coffee made from freshly ground beans. 

Summing it Up

Brewing coffee at home is an art that needs patience and practice to perfect. It is worth the trouble when you succeed in attaining the perfect flavor for your home-brewed coffee through experimentation.