Cameron Diaz, the Californian actress, has launched a new project with her entrepreneur friend Katherine Power. In July, Cameron Diaz announced that she was launching “Avaline,” a wine brand that emphasizes transparency and an organic production process. Unlike most organic wine brands on the market, Diaz intended Avaline Wine to be completely free from chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, and other unnecessary additives. She toured organic vineyards across Europe before finally settling on a vineyard in Penedés, Catalonia.

Avaline Wine is being termed the “Catalan Organic Wine” because they’re produced from grapes grown in the Penedés area of Catalonia, Spain. The wine brand is also certified organic by the Competent Body of Catalonia (Spain) and Bureau Veritas Certification (France). These certifications assure the consumers that the wine doesn’t contain unnecessary chemicals and pesticides. If that weren’t enough, the Avaline Wine bottles have large labels that list all the ingredients used throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring complete transparency.

Avaline Wine is organic, vegan, and transparent.

The term “organic” doesn’t hold much legal weight because the wine industry is incredibly unregulated. Wine brands often use the term “organic” without embodying its values — they still use chemicals, pesticides, and other additives to increase shelf life, prevent bacteria, and enhance the taste profile. However, Avaline is unique because it truly embodies the word “organic.”

One of the most important ingredients in wine is sulfites. Grapes naturally contain sulfur, but wine producers introduce additional sulfur dioxide during the production to prevent bacterial growth, increasing its shelf life. However, the introduction of sulfur dioxide also affects the taste, nuances, and naturalness of the wine. Traditional wines also use Mega Purple and other colorings to improve the wine’s appearance.

Avaline Wine doesn’t include sulfites, Mega Purple, or other additives. They use natural biodiversity to handle issues like bacterial growth, insect infestations, and soil fertility.

Ingredients in Avaline include bentonite clay, pea protein, and cream of tartar, i.e., completely natural and vegan ingredients. These ingredients are referred to as clarifying agents because they remove or filter the sediment and debris in the wine, improving its texture. Avaline uses vegan components for filtration rather than animal by-products like egg whites and fish bladder, a common practice in most other wines.

As such, Avaline isn’t merely organic but also 100% vegan.

Most wines claiming to be “organic” tend to be cagey with their ingredients and manufacturing process. That’s because most organic wine brands aren’t truly organic. But Avaline is — Avaline has nothing to hide. And that’s why each Avaline bottle features a prominent label with the ingredients listed in large fonts. This ensures that Avaline is kept accountable and transparent — you know exactly what you’re putting into your body,

Cameron Diaz promotes healthy living.

Wine is supposed to be the healthiest and most organic drink. But the traditional manufacturing process makes it far from healthy or organic.

Cameron Diaz is the driving force behind Avaline. She is extremely cautious about what she puts into her body, and she encourages her consumers to be similarly mindful. As such, Avaline Wine is borne of passion and a commitment to healthy living.

You can now find Avaline Wine online or with exclusive vendors.