close up of grilled meat on griddle

All the people focus and worry too much about which smoker to buy and what would be its fuel type. Should it be charcoal, gas, or propane? During all this hustle people forget about which grilling accessories they should own. Grilling accessories are very helpful in making all the work easier for you. Having the appropriate BBQ grilling accessories is the key to the success of any BBQ party.

It is very important to have the right essentials on hand whenever you decide to BBQ for yourself, family, and friends. Having a good smoker is great but it is not worth it alone! Grilling accessories are the key components of any BBQ party! When you purchase some really good grilling accessories, it does not make your life moderately easy but also elevates the essence of your BBQ dishes!

Now let’s have a look at the top must-have grilling accessories:

  • Meat thermometer

Having a meat thermometer on hand is necessary if you want to achieve the perfect BBQ meat every single time you decide to grill! It is the most basic accessory to own if you want to smoke some meat or veggies.

You can get any digital or manual meat thermometer. Many thermometers come with a big Liquid crystal display making it easier for you to see the temperature of the meat from far away! Using a digital meat thermometer is very easy and there are no complex measurements or buttons!

These meat thermometers are specially designed in such a way to be super fast and accurate according to decimal points. Never forget that the secret to delicious and finger-licking good BBQ is low temperature and being patient!

If you have a built-in thermometer installed on the top cover of your grill, that does not mean you do not need an external one! Those built-in thermometers are mostly inaccurate and fake. They do not have the capability of showing the right temperature. Most people complain about their BBQ being burnt!

Due to these reasons, it is a must to invest in a very good quality and robust meat thermometer.

  • Heat-safe gloves

Safety should be the number one priority while cooking. When you are cooking it is crucial to make sure that you do not end up burning your hands! The smart and easiest way to tackle this is to purchase some heat-resistant gloves.

Good quality and heat-safe gloves are made of thick and sturdy material so you do not burn your hands while the BBQ process. Also, make sure that the heatproof gloves you buy are made of food-grade material for extra safety. As they might touch your food and you do not want to fall sick!

  • Fire starter for chimney (charcoal)

It is not a safe method to stack up or store all the charcoal on top of the fire. Do not ever drown all your charcoal in the fuel ever! What you need to do is to invest in a good quality chimney starter and put all your charcoal into a chimney starter.

Then take a few pieces of paper in it with some oil to burn it. Then get it started and light.

Put the chimney over the papers and it will last around 25 minutes. You can relax easily!

  • BBQ Cleaner Brush

The most experienced cooking experts know this fact that is it is best to keep cleaning your work surface while working. This prevents a lot of mess from spreading. The mess of coals, paper towels, and other food ingredients can be too much to clean later if you let it all collect. It can also spread a lot of germs and bacteria that could potentially go into the food!

To ensure maximum hygiene and health safety standards, it is very important to invest in a good quality BBQ grill brush cleaner.

After you have finished cooking your BBQ, the next step is to take your grill brush and use it to clean the grates. Meat tends to have a lot of juices and fat that can accumulate over time. So that is why it is best to keep cleaning it on time.

Before you decide to make BBQ again, wash the grates of your grill or smoker with water. Give it a really good clean. You can also do this while your smoker is rising in the temperature. It is also important to note that always check your grates after cleaning them with the brush. That is because sometimes the cleaning BBQ brush can leave some stray wires from it. These wires could get into your food!

Nobody wants brush wires in their steaming hot and smoky delicious BBQ! That is why we recommend giving it a good clean often with water.

  • BBQ Tongs:

Many people have revealed that they use their tongs while BBQ the most. That is because it is the most basic thing that one can use to turn around their food or steak on the grill.

It is crucial to invest in some really good quality food-grade material or stainless steel tongs. The best trick is to purchase two tongs. One for the meat and the other one for the coal. The smoke coming from the coals sure is glorious and flavors the meat but nobody wants to get coal tar pieces in their meal! Yikes!

  • Instant thermometer used for red meats

If you are a steak-lover then this one is for you! You know very well that temperature degrees matter up to decimal points while cooking steaks. Because people are really particular about their steaks being medium to rare.

Investing in an instant digital thermometer is the best choice!

  • Mop

You must invest in a separate mop to season your food. This way there will be no salmonella poisoning or raw to cooked meat contamination!

  • Cutting Board

It is better to invest in a cutting board that is larger you can easily cut all different cuts of meats!

  • Boning knife

it is indeed very smart to invest in a sharp knife to clean up the bony and extra fatty pieces of meat.

  • Rib rack

If you are a ribs lover then you must get a rack to place all the ribs on after cooking them. This will ensure that the ribs stay warm.


It is crucial to invest in good quality accessories alongside a good smoker/grill. They can make your life easier!