Clear skin is one of the beauty standards which remains constant through the decades. In order to feel healthier and more attractive, people are investing hundreds if not thousands of dollars into expensive skin care and other treatments. However, there’s research and a massive amount of anecdotal evidence that a proper diet can reduce the inflammation of your skin and even prevent the acne from ever gracing you with their presence. Here are some changes you need to implement to your diet in order to have clear, glowy skin.

Cut down on sugar

Foods with a high glycemic index (GI) are said to negatively affect our pores. High GI foods are mostly those which are generally high in sugar, but they also include white flour, white rice and potatoes. Even though a hot towel for acne may help ease the immediate uncomfort, the lasting change comes with cutting out foods with a high GI. Low GI foods which you should introduce to your diet are rolled oats, non-starchy vegetables and most fruit.

Up your omega-3 acid intake

One of the micronutrients which are told to improve acne are omega-3 fatty acids. They are found in fatty fish such as salmon, eggs, dark leafy vegetables and nuts. Omega-3 acids have anti-inflammatory functions and may contribute to clearing up your skin. It is also reported that these acids may protect your skin from sun damage and skin cancer. However, this research needs some further support. 

Vitamin C is your friend

Eating food which is rich with vitamin C may benefit your skin. Berries, oranges and pineapples are some of the fruits which come with the added benefits of vitamin C. In addition to being very effective in getting rid of the skin’s blotchiness, this vitamin is also known to improve brain health and lower your cholesterol levels.

Retinol isn’t only in creams

If you’ve ever perused a skincare aisle in the drugstore you know that retinol is all the rage at the moment. Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A which is highly effective in beating acne. Luckily, vitamin A is found in a lot of food such as carrots or sweet potatoes. Beta carotene which gets turned into vitamin A during the digestion process is the reason why these vegetables are so orange. However, don’t go too hard on these foods because if you go overboard there’s a risk your skin will match these fall shades of orange. 

Enrich your diet with fiber

Consuming enough fiber in your diet will make you be more regular in the toilet. Having daily bowel movements is very important for our general health and of course for the health of your skin. In this way you are getting rid of toxins which are plaguing the body. Foods containing a lot of fiber are fruits like bananas and apples, vegetables such as avocados and carrots and legumes. The legumes high with fibre are chickpeas, black peas and edamame.