There are almost a million people in Canada following a vegan lifestyle. Whether you’re already a committed vegan or you’re in the 40% of Canadians that want to reduce their meat consumption, there has never been a better time to try vegan food at home. The right combination of herbs and spices will then enhance the delicious taste of plant-based food in a natural way. You can elevate a simple cauliflower steak into something that would easily grace the menu of a fine dining restaurant. Spices can bring out the earthy flavours of shiitake mushrooms, giving your home cuisine and umami tang. All you need is some great seasoning and some fresh, plant-based ingredients.

Everyday dining

It is very easy to get into a rut when you’re cooking. In fact, one survey found that 30% of people eat the same lunch every day. If you’re new to trying vegan food, or you want to expand your cooking repertoire, then a meal kit delivered to your door is a good idea, and there are plenty of offers available to help you find the right one for you. With a Sunbasket discount, you can try new recipes and enjoy a meal plan that is specifically tailored to a vegan diet. Balancing spices is not always easy, so for everyday dining, try a premade spice blend, such as the Chimichurri Blend, made with natural ingredients and completely gluten-free. The mix of herbs can add a South American twist to your fresh veggies, giving them a boost in flavour without overwhelming the taste of the ingredients.

Mediterranean seasoning

Mediterranean cuisine is simple yet sophisticated, always making the most of seasonal ingredients. This includes the herbs that thrive in the region, which include thyme, oregano, rosemary and basil. Fennel seed is often used too, and it goes especially well with green vegetables, such as tenderstem broccoli and asparagus. An Herbes de Provence spice mix, containing rosemary, marjoram, chervil and tarragon can give your vegan meals a Mediterranean twist. Using blue lavender in moderation is also a great way to add a burst of flavour, and a heavy twist of lemon pepper will also give your vegan meals a Mediterranean tang. You can even use it to give fruit-based dishes an unusual dimension.

Turning up the heat

Getting the right chili heat without the spicing being overwhelming is important when you’re creating vegan dishes, especially if you’re cooking ingredients with delicate flavours. Fresh chili peppers don’t always have a consistent level of heat. To always get a balanced level of spiciness, instead use a dried spice mix that will bring out the flavour of your plant-based ingredients without being too hot. If you’re cooking Indian-style cuisine, try the Hot Madras Curry mix, a South Indian curry powder with a tangy aftertaste. Fire and Brimstone is an excellent all-purpose spicy seasoning that can enhance stews and curries and season your vegan dishes to give them a real kick.

Herbs and spices can elevate your everyday cooking into something outstanding. The right balance can turn your vegan home dining into a taste sensation, packed with layers of flavour.