Air fryers are gaining popularity as a kitchen appliance in many households. With more people looking for healthy food options, they turn to healthy cooking alternatives. An air fryer offers a healthy way of cooking without the need for oil. It is a versatile device that can fry, bake, or grill your favorite food. If it is crispiness that you are worried about, an air fryer can deliver the same crispiness as oil-cooked foods by using a mechanical fan that circulates hot air around the food to quickly crisp it. 

With more air fryer brands available in the market, you might have a hard time picking a good air fryer. Worry not, as we will share here some features to look for in an air fryer.


A good feature to look for is the capacity range of a cooking product. Different households have varying food amount needs. A large family of 6-10 members will need a fryer with a large capacity, while a family of 3-5 members can select a small or medium-capacity fryer. 

Well-known brands can offer fryers with different capacities, but the prices can sometimes be prohibitive and can also vary significantly. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, the Chefman air fryer offers a more affordable price than other well-known brands and has excellent quality as well. When it comes to capacity, Chefman air fryers have a wide range of sizes that meet the consumption needs of different families. A good rule of thumb is to select match the capacity with the number of members in your family. For example, choose an air fryer with a capacity of around 3-5 quarts for a family of 3 to 5, and 6 quarts and above for a family of more than 5 members.

Pre-Programmed Settings

Convenience is another factor that consumers look for in a product. If you have several dishes that you cook regularly, an excellent feature to look for is the range of pre-programmed settings for popular foods and dishes. You may want to look for a fryer that has cooking presets for fried chicken, French fries, steaks, and also desserts. It removes the guesswork in the temperature settings when you cook and you can cook delicious food with a simple press of a button or by selecting from the preset cooking options.

Wattage and Power Consumption

Energy efficiency is another essential feature to look for in an air fryer. Check the air fryer’s wattage specification in the label, and make sure it can be supported by your kitchen outlet. Another thing to consider is the power rating range. The typical range for most air fryers is 800 to 1500 watts. Choose an air fryer with optimum wattage settings for cooking various cooking times. While a longer cooking time means more power consumption, a fryer with an efficient wattage range can keep your power consumption to a minimum.


Safety is a primary concern when it comes to electronic devices and appliances. Look for safety features in an air fryer like a non-slip base, an air-tight lid lock, insulated hand grips, or automatic shutoff if the device detects the temperatures exceeding the threshold. Also, make sure that the power cord has a secure fit to avoid fire and electric shock hazards.

Going for a healthy cooking appliance is a commendable move. To help ensure that you are choosing the right product, you need to have a checklist of some essential features. We hope that the tips we shared here can help you make wise purchase decisions in your pursuit of a healthy diet and lifestyle.