Are you ready for something new, exotic, and exciting? Purchasing an espresso machine can be your gateway to a whole new world of flavor sensation. It isn’t like you need to spend a million bucks. Your machine doesn’t even have to be commercial quality. Here are the 5 best drinks you can make in an espresso machine.


1. Latte

A Latte is one of the most exciting drinks that you can make using an espresso machine. Thanks to modern tech developments, you don’t have to hoof it all the way down to Starbucks to enjoy a cup anytime you please. You can now enjoy a Latte from your own personal machine that would make any expert barista jealous.

The basic formula for Latte is so simple even you can easily master it. It’s a very simple coffee recipe that consists of basic espresso, steamed milk, and a single layer of froth to top it all off. The proportion is one third espresso, two thirds steamed milk. Once you get the hang of making them at home, you’ll never want to go back.


2. Americano

Are you in the mood for something a bit patriotic? Summer is upon us and it’s slowly inching forward to the 4th of July holiday. Now is the time for you to try a whole new kind of espresso drink known as the Americano. This is a drink that many people claim is the first of its kind to be developed right here in the United States.

The best part about the new Americano flavor is that it’s nothing complex. In fact, all you will need is a few shots of espresso (one or two will do) and a bit of hot water. The ratio of hot water to espresso is normally 2 to 1. Once you have the proportion right, you can sit back and enjoy the new native flavor of espresso.

Many people love the Americano precisely because of its smooth, robust, and refreshing flavor. For those who don’t care for the somewhat acidic quality that espresso can sometimes have, the hot water is a real life saver. Just add the water in the right proportion and you’ll have a drink that is smooth, flavorful, and longer lasting.


3. Macchiato

As popular as the Latte is all over the globe, there are times when it can get a bit heavy. Sometimes you may be in the mood for a robust Latte flavor but without the extra fullness. This is where a fantastic concoction called the Macchiato can come to your rescue. The Macchiato has all of the flavor with none of the heavy resonance.

The Macchiato espresso, sometimes known in reverse as an Espresso Macchiato, is a drink with a long history and fabulous pedigree. The recipe is ingeniously simple. Top off a shot of espresso with a frothy layer of steamed milk and there you have it. Your machine doesn’t even have to be commercial quality to get the recipe just right.


4. Cappuccino

For many espresso lovers, a piping hot cup of Cappuccino is the top of the line. This is probably the most famous variety of espresso throughout the world. There is a very good reason why this is so. It’s one of the tastiest and easiest to make drinks on the planet. It comes equipped with a flavor and composition that are truly second to none.

For all of its fabulous flavor, a Cappuccino is one of the easiest espresso breeds to make in your own home. Just add one third steamed milk, one third milk foam, and one third espresso. Mix it up, let it simmer for a bit, and then enjoy it at your leisure.

flat white

5. Flat White

Sometimes the key to a delicious cup of espresso is all in the proportion of the ingredients. This is definitely the case with an increasingly popular drink known as the Flat White. It isn’t radically different from a normal espresso as far as the ingredients that make it are concerned.

However, there is a reason why we can give it a separate listing here. It’s made up of a mix of espresso, steamed milk, and a very, very thin layer of foam. As expected, the foam tops it all off. The difference is the ingredients are tempered by the fineness of the foam, giving it a light and breezy taste. Try it and see if it thrills you.

Espresso is a Way of Life

For many millions of people all around the world, espresso is truly a way of life. And after you have had your first steaming hot cup of this delicious beverage, you’ll know why. Espresso is a drink that is enjoyed by people in every walk of life. The time for you to get to know the full range of this amazing beverage is now.