coffee beans spilling from orange cup

If you are an avid coffee drinker, you should expand your knowledge about coffee and its types. People across the world treat, brew and prepare their coffee in different ways, most of which are interesting. Among a myriad of options, you must try a few types of coffee drinks that are getting popular in 2021. Here are 4 types of coffee you should know about this year. 

1. Red Eye

Simply put, Red Eye coffee is made using double shots of espresso and is majorly used by individuals who need an extra dosage of caffeine to stay awake or energetic. This coffee drink is getting popular among college students who need to stay awake all night, which also explains its name. Whether you need a strong beverage to handle your hangover or deal with fatigue, a cup of Red Eye coffee can help. In some regions, one standard shot of espresso is mixed in a cup of hot coffee to make it stronger. 

As mentioned, people who need extra caffeine add two shots of espresso in one cup of coffee. Some coffee lovers have started enjoying and become addicted to coffee containing double shots of espresso. Take a mug and pour a standard shot of espresso in it. Add a cup of coffee and mix it well. You can add sugar and cream as optional ingredients. To keep your Red Eye coffee warm, prepare and pour the espresso shot first. 

coffee cup on wood table

2. Ristretto

Ristretto is made using the same method used to make espresso. However, you must reduce the amount of hot water used as ristretto is a darker and concentrated version of espresso. ‘Ristretto’ in Italian stands for restricted, which indicates that the coffee brewed is extremely concentrated. Individuals who love the authentic taste and aroma of coffee prefer drinking ristretto as they can enjoy the original taste after brewing exotic coffee beans. With time, coffee machines also let you brew ristretto coffee at home. The best type of Dolce Gusto machine offers a variety of brewing options, with ristretto being one of the main choices among coffee lovers. Invest in one to make yourself a ristretto shot every once in a while. To make your ristretto the traditional way, take 14 grams of coffee and brew it for around 30 seconds. The sooner it brews, the tastier it will be. 


This coffee drink comes from Spain and is one of the most savored beverages all around the world. However, not many know about this versatile beverage. A small layer of steamed milk cuts an espresso shot, which makes a cup of cortado coffee. Due to its composition, it is often confused with macchiato, cappuccino, and Flat White. While it is commonly served hot, some individuals prefer to have it cold. Another version is made using condensed milk and tastes sweeter. 

Depending on the region, country, and cafe, the composition of cortado coffee can vary. If you like espresso but also prefer steamed milk in your coffee, cortado offers the perfect balance between the two. Even though the layer of frothy milk cuts the acidity of the coffee, you can still taste its unique blend and smell the aroma. To make cortado coffee at home, prepare a standard shot of espresso, steam milk, and pour it in a 1:1 ratio over the espresso shot. 


This coffee beverage is ideal for dessert and ice cream lovers. You pour espresso over a scoop of ice cream, preferably vanilla, and enjoy the cold beverage cum dessert in a cup or glass. The best part about this drink cum dessert is that you can manipulate the proportion to make your own beverage or dessert. For instance, if you reduce the amount of coffee, you get a coffee-infused dessert; on the other hand, if you increase the amount of espresso and add just a few spoons of ice cream, you get a cold beverage. 

Nonetheless, let’s stick to the original recipe and learn how to make it. Take a chilled bowl or glass and place a scoop of vanilla or pure cream gelato in it. Prepare a standard shot of espresso and pour it over the ice cream scoop. Garnish it with chocolate chips or chopped nuts as an optional step. You can also serve the espresso shot on the side and pour it over the ice cream right before eating it. 

You can mix and match different ingredients with coffee to make your own beverage and label it as your own recipe. The next time you order or feel like making a cup of coffee, try one of these lesser-known coffee drinks. Since they are easy to make, you can also prepare them at home in no time.