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Everyone loves cheese, maybe not as much as Jerry from the famous cartoon Tom and Jerry does, but we can all never have enough of the deliciousness of cheese. While a few might argue that cheese could cause ill-health, we would like to believe that it has numerous health benefits when consumed in moderation.

The lip-smacking cheese in a crust of cheese burst pizza is something we all know and love, but did you know there are over 1800 types of cheese in the world? And each of these varieties has to be tasted differently?

Get a Subscription

Most cheese enthusiasts would agree that having an opportunity to having this amazing box delivered at your convenience would open up the possibilities of trying new varieties of cheese. Getting a cheese subscription would be a great way to explore different types of cheese. These subscriptions would deliver boxes of cheese with different flavors every month.

You would also receive a guide on how you could consume each of these cheese types and their accompaniments. This way, you will know how to taste cheese the right way and become a professional cheese taster.

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Attend The Cheese Convention

If you love cheese and cannot get enough of it, do not worry, you are not alone in it! There are thousands of people worldwide who share your passion. And that’s what led to the creation of the American Cheese Society hosting an annual conference for cheese enthusiasts. Besides that, thousands of other cheese enthusiasts would allow you to taste different cheese types.

However, owing to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the Global Cheese expo would be an online event this year. At the same time, the online event might not give you the experience of attending The Great British Cheese Festival, The Festival of Cheese, or CheeseExpo Global in person. But it would still give you all the insights you need about different types of cheese and how you could relish them best!

cheese platter

Order Online

The technological advent makes it possible for you to understand different cheese types, how they are prepared, how to taste them, what they should be paired with, and so on from the comfort of our houses. Once you have a clear understanding, you could order these cheese types for your home and relish them.

Yes, even the types of cheese that were once available only in certain parts of France, Italy, Central Asia, or Ethiopia can now be bought with the click of a button. Who would have thought a few years ago that you can order cheese online and it would reach our homes in a few days from anywhere around the world?

Enroll with the Cheese Academy

When you become a member at the Academy of Cheese, you would learn all about SATC or Structured Approach to Tasting Cheese. This UK-based academy would help you become a professional cheese taster, and it is ideal for culinary professionals and enthusiasts. The course will acquaint you with the different kinds of cheese and help you understand how to taste different cheese types. You could download one of the many guides or ranking sheets available online to rank the cheese for texture, smell, taste, rind, and so on.

The course is spread over multiple levels, and at the end of each level of the course, the course takers will receive a certification qualifying them as professional taster. Besides that, you would also get your hands on various cheese types, and because you know how to relish every kind of cheese and the right accompaniments for it, you would be able to savor the cheese chunks better than ever before!

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and start exploring the world of cheese now!