Grilling is a great way of cooking food outdoors. You can enjoy the hot sun and kids playing in the backyard while preparing some of your families’ favorites. These include the classics like burgers, hot dogs, and even some fish. It is an essential part of any backyard barbecue setup, so it is certainly worth investing in the right equipment.

Check out this blackstone flat top grill for more detail. Did you know that there are three main ways to cook on the grill? Here’s how you can make the most out of your grill this summer, and impress everybody at the next barbecue. 

Direct Grilling

Firstly, direct grilling is arguably the most obvious method that there is. Cooking meat and other foods directly on the hottest part of the grill is great for a number of reasons. Because it involves using an open flame or the hottest section, it is the fastest and most intense way of searing food on its exterior. 

This can be used for searing meat or cooking anything with the top of the grill closed. When you are cooking any type of food using direct grilling, it’s important to remember to flip everything over halfway through before covering again with the lid of the grill. This allows everything to evenly cook within a short period of time. 

The main disadvantage of direct grilling is that the meat and food is more likely to become slightly drier than other grilling methods. This is due to the high heat that is used, and the fast cooking time that everything will take. 

Direct grilling is the most straightforward method of cooking anything on the grill. It does not take long to do, and can be great for foods that have short cooking times. These include thinly sliced steaks, shrimp and vegetables. 

Indirect Grilling

On the other hand, indirect grilling provides far more temperature control and allows you to gradually warm food. This allows more flexibility because it means that you can reheat certain dishes that are packed in foil, and keep food warm without drying it out. 

Indirect grilling is done when fewer rings of the grill are turned on. This allows the heat that is produced to be slightly easier to manage in general. Over time, you can use indirect grilling for slow cooking, and to ensure that everything is fully cooked in time for your barbecue. 

Unlike direct grilling, indirect grilling is great for slowly cooking large cuts of meat without drying them out. You can either place food close to the heat source but not directly on it, or add coal to your grill every hour or so to keep the heat going without getting overly hot. 

Some people like using the grill as a source of indirect heat, which is reflected like a convection oven. Meat is therefore far more likely to be juicy and filled with flavor by the time it is sliced up for eating. Indirect grilling is certainly worth the time investment. 


As the name suggests, combo grilling is a mixture of the two previously mentioned approaches. It typically involves using the direct source of heat to sear the meat all over, before leaving it to cook using indirect grilling. 

This is a highly effective way of getting a caramelized exterior on a range of proteins and meat cuts, while ensuring that the interior remains juicy and full of flavor. You can even use the combo grilling approach to make crispy grilled pizzas. 

Make sure you are exploring the different cooking methods with your grill in time for summer so that you can impress crowds. Show off your newfound skills and ability to control the heat with ease. Practice certainly makes perfect, and it is worth spending a little extra time testing out these approaches before feeding a crowd. 


Because each grilling method takes a different amount of time, it is critical that you plan ahead and start cooking at an appropriate time. Although direct grilling only takes around twenty minutes, you will need to allow several hours for the grill to heat up for indirect grilling to be effective. 

There are multiple different approaches to grilling that you can take to create a tasty selection of foods for your next barbecue. These include direct grilling, indirect grilling, and combo. Each has their own selection of benefits, recommendations, and limitations. Make sure you try out each method to see how versatile your grill can be this summer.