7 Types Of Food To Eat While Having High Glucose Levels In The Blood

7 Types Of Food To Eat While Having High Glucose Levels In The Blood

What causes diabetes?  Well, it mostly happens when your body can’t produce or use insulin properly. This is where glucose accumulates in the blood. In addition to this, if you are suffering from high blood sugar, you can easily control it by eating healthy foods. People struggling with high glucose levels get hyper and mad easily. If you are looking to reduce the risks of getting high blood sugar, avoid a high carbohydrate intake. This might include rice, beans, bread, milk, pasta, and desserts. But what shall you eat? You might ask. Eating just the right amounts won’t hurt, but consuming more than your body requires can greatly hurt your body and thus, increasing the chances of getting high levels of sugar in your blood. As the saying goes, what you eat makes you. Below are seven types of foods to eat while having high glucose levels in the blood.

1. Eat Lots Of Fruits And Vegetables

When talking about vegetables and fruits, don’t go eating any type of veggies or fruits. Some high-carb fruits can raise the levels of glucose in your blood. Well, here are some of the fruits a diabetic person can eat; apples, bananas, grapes, avocados, and kiwi fruits. Now, check out the vegetables that a high blood sugar person should eat; green beans, cauliflower, peppers, and broccoli, and these are just a few. India is first on the line with the highest number of people with diabetes. Well, if you happen to be in India and you are diabetic, then this review on the Vegetarian Type-2 diabetes diet will significantly help you get the help you need. If you have diabetes, don’t worry; this is because it is manageable by just being keen on what you eat and taking your meds in time.

2. Consider Eating Pumpkins

Did you know pumpkins can help control high glucose levels in your blood? Well, now you know that pumpkins provide your body with compounds that help take the edge off and provide you with just the right amount of nutrients when taken in moderation. Additionally, not only do pumpkins help lower high blood sugar, you should never throw away pumpkin seeds because they also play a huge role in the same case. 

3. Proteins

Proteins are good for the growth of the body. They also help reduce high blood pressure, but a diabetic person must watch how much they eat. This is because a high intake of proteins can increase glucose levels in the blood. Apart from all the precautions, you have many protein-rich foods to choose from, including fish, chicken, beef, seafood, cheese, and eggs. The best part is that a diabetic person can eat proteins without worrying about having their blood sugar levels spike. 

But you need to lead an active life to help prevent yourself from becoming overweight. Whether it’s going to the gym, taking a walk, running, or having a busy work schedule, these are ways you can shed a few pounds because, with weight, it will be challenging to manage your condition. It will also increase the chances of contracting other ailments such as high blood pressure. 

4. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are not called so for no good reason. If you have never eaten any, then you are missing out on the sweetness. Back to the topic: do sweet potatoes help reduce diabetes? You might ask. Yes, they do, with all the sweetness that comes with them, they are healthy, and when eaten in moderation, they can help keep the high levels of glucose in your blood in check. In addition to this, if you have diabetes, you can eat half of a medium sweet potato, and you are safe, according to what the experts suggest.

There are different types of sweet potatoes, and you’ll want to find just the right ones if you are to help with your condition. But most importantly, you nee4 to know the benefits that come from eating sweet potatoes. Below are types of sweet potatoes and their health benefits: 

  • Japanese sweet potatoes are high in fiber and are a great source of minerals, including potassium, copper, and iron. You have low energy; you might consider taking this particular type of sweet potato.
  • Purple sweet potatoes – Purple sweet potatoes are a great source of beta carotene. This is a great mineral to help with age-related ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease. It’s an antioxidant, meaning that it could help diabetic patients as well. Beta carotene is a mimic of vitamin A, and as you might be aware, diabetic patients are at great risk of eye-related infections and even blindness. This will help to ensure that your eyes are protected and that you retain your eyesight.
  • Orange sweet potatoes – These are also a great source of vitamin A. Combined with carrots, vitamin A supplements, you’ll have a good eye as you age. Vitamin deficiency causes the underlying medical issues to escalate. But it’s also vital to ensure v that you have your doctor’s oka before trying any diets or supplements.
  • Hannah sweet potatoes – these are white in color, and they are the most common of sweet potatoes. They have the same properties as the ones mentioned earlier. But they are somewhat different as they are the most preferred by diabetic patients. They are also great, especially when it comes to children. When boiled, they are sweet and nutritious. They’ll help reduce blood sugar and, this way, help you to manage your blood sugar levels.

5. Nuts


There are so many types of nuts like walnuts, peanuts, almonds, pistachios, and cashews. All these are nuts that help people with diabetes. Nuts are everyone’s favorite snacks apart from people with nut allergies, of course. They also highly help control blood sugar, prevent heart diseases, and even help reduce some waistline weight. A diabetic person needs to snack. They are no different from everyone else. This is just a condition that only limits the foods that you eat. But nuts are a great snack to a diabetic person, and here are the benefits of eating nuts:

  • Some types of nuts, including walnuts and almonds, are good for the heart. This will help in blood circulation and allow the sugar in the blood to be transported to the areas required.
  • Nuts have antioxidants effects, meaning that you’ll heal much faster and recover from underlying ailments much faster.
  • Snacking with snacks will help provide you with additional nutrients and energy to take up in your daily activities.

6. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds help manage diabetes because of their many health benefits, such as might include; they reduce any risks of heart diseases, are great at controlling blood sugar levels, and their sensitivity to insulin. But you have experts and research that suggest not to eat a lot of flaxseeds. You should at least mix them up with other nuts, beverages or add them to your recipes. Eating flaxseeds daily can as well help with your cholesterol levels. Here are some of the benefits of flaxseeds:

  • They are high in omega 3 fats
  • Flax’s seeds help reduce the risks of cancer
  • They help lower blood pressure
  • They help reduce food cravings, which will help your body to lose those extra fats.

7. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds contain high levels of magnesium, omega three fatty acids, antioxidants, and fiber. All of the above are benefits that come with chia seeds. This could help reduce diabetic complications and diabetes itself. Additionally, chia seeds also have other benefits to the body including, helping reduce blood pressure. In its management, they can help you lose weight, reduce the risks of heart disease, and help prevent colonic inflammation. But, as you might be aware, too much of anything is poisonous. Having said that, you should, and as a diabetic patient, only take a quarter cup or, in other words, forty grams of chia seeds a day. 

And before consuming the chia seeds, let them sit in a glass of water for about twenty minutes. This will help get all the nutrients out of the chia seeds. To add or boost the taste, add some flavor to them with lime or lemons. Here’s another fun fact about chia seeds, the best time to consume them is in the mornings and at night before bed. This way, you get to spend your day feeling good and energetic and sleep like a queen or king.

The above types of foods will greatly help reduce the risks of diabetes and help those already who have diabetes. But what you generally eat will not only be risky to you but will also affect your health in general. So, always choose foods that are healthy and those that can help your body health-wise. What you eat could have some repercussions, and it’s for this reason, doctors have diet recommendations depending on the severity of the condition.

How To Properly Stock Up And Be Ready For The Winter Times

How To Properly Stock Up And Be Ready For The Winter Times

When winter approaches, many people begin their preparations. They clear their drains and gutters and service their appliances in anticipation of the cold weather. People also stock up on things like extra blankets and prescription medication should they get snowed in.

Something else that people do at this time is to stock up their pantry with extra supplies. They discard everything that’s out of date and replace it with new items. They may include food for winter recipes or extra supplies for emergencies or unexpected guests. It may be that you have turned your attention to this right now, and are looking for some guidance. If so, this article will help you get properly stocked up and ready for the coming season.

Canned Foods

Non-perishable foodstuffs are great because there’s no hurry to use them, and they are there just when you need them. Cans of beans can be used for stirring into stews, sauces, or pasta meals. They help bulk out the food as well as providing extra valuable protein. 

Canned sardines are a great source of calcium and can liven up winter salads. Canned salmon is also worth considering because it’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids. You can add them to omelets or homemade fish cakes, or use them for your salads of winter greens. 

Check out canned tomatoes, too. If they are fire-roasted they’ll have a smoky flavor. They don’t cost much and yet they have a host of different meal applications. You could also think about buying canned beans, potatoes, mixed vegetables, and mandarin oranges. 

Fill Your Freezer

Frozen foods aren’t always as good as fresh, but they are more healthy than canned produce. Why not freeze some herbs and whole tomatoes, or blanched string beans. You could also preserve some cooked pumpkin and use kale for making smoothies. 

Frozen peas are great to have because they are a good source of both vitamins C and E. When they are frozen as soon as they are picked, they can actually be more nutritious than buying them ‘fresh’ from a shop. 


If you experience extreme storms and bad weather it could have adverse implications for your water supply. Ideally, you should retain a gallon of water for each member of your household. 

Both you and your pets could benefit from your stock, so keep more rather than less if you have the capacity. 

Baby And Pet Supplies

If you couldn’t leave the home for a few days or the shops were without power what would you do? Human life needs to come first, especially babies. Think about buying extra jars of baby food and milk formula. 

After humans come your pet/s who should have at least three days’ spare food in the pantry. 

Peppers And Pickles

Whether you prefer them mild or hot, jarred peppadew peppers are very popular these days. You can use them as an alternative to roasted red peppers. Jarred piquillo peppers can be great as well, especially when used in stuffing or when added to tomato or salad dishes. 

Something else you could consider is pickles and their related products. If you want to buy bulk wholesale pickles there are specialist websites you can visit. There may be free shipping with some purchases or the opportunity to pick up locally. There’s often information about the best uses for pickles, as well as helpful storage advice. 


If you fancy something that can add flavor to meat and vegetables you could choose something like Za’atar. Many people have an interest in this spice blend as you can add this to many recipes, particularly Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking. 

When people think of winter spices they often list cloves, rosemary, and nutmeg or ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric. 

Soups, Stews, And Casseroles

Before you buy, let your recipes and food preferences dictate what you need so that less food will be wasted or unused. 

For your homely and heart-warming meals, you could purchase egg noodles or Thai rice noodles as well as dried pasta and couscous. Don’t forget dried beans and lentils plus such grains as rice, barley, quinoa, oatmeal, and grits. 

Bulk Items

If you can afford it and can store it, buy it! As long as you’ll be able to consume it over time, bulk foods can help save you money. Why not visit a farm shop and buy such items as potatoes, onions, beets, parsnips, and carrots. If you are an avid gardener you could store your own produce too. 

Apples are something else you could bulk buy. It’s inexpensive to buy five gallons and you could use them for cider or sauce making.

man shopping

Holiday Specials

We’re thinking here about get-togethers, festivities, and baking ingredients. Consider such things as baking soda and powder, dry active yeast, and maple syrup. 

When it comes to milk, get some evaporated and sweetened condensed milk. If you enjoy apples, buy some apple butter and applesauce. You may also need all-purpose flour and whole wheat pastry flour. 

Quick Meals

Let’s face it: you won’t always have the time or the inclination to cook healthy meals every day. If you want to speed things up, why not get some pasta sauce, canned organic soups, or boxes of macaroni cheese? You can also check out ramen noodles and instant rice as well as taco shells and corn tortillas.

Party Time

Don’t forget to stock up for when people come round for wine and nibbles. This is where packs of crackers, chips, pita, and pretzels prove invaluable. You could buy jams and jellies and something to drink like beer, cider, wine, tea, and coffee. 

If you have friends who have issues with dairy products or have Coeliacs Disease, you could buy some rice milk or something made from almond or soy. 

Hopefully, this has been some literal food for thought. Decide how much you can store and where you can keep it. Be dictated to by your family’s tastes and the events you will be hosting. Then you’ll be able to sit back and look forward to the winter months, and all the joy that they can bring.

4 Tasty Meal Options For People Who Don’t Like To Cook

4 Tasty Meal Options For People Who Don’t Like To Cook

We all know that fast food should not be relied on as our staple, but life is hectic and busy, and many of us either don’t have the time or the energy to cook when we finally get home from a long day of work. It turns out that you don’t have to eat junk food to avoid cooking; there are several meals that have the vibe of a home-cooked dinner without all the effort. The following will explore four tasty meal options for people who simply don’t want to cook.

During meal selection, emphasis was placed on the minimal amount of time required to get the meal in front of you, and bonus points were given out for meals that were easy to clean up as well. (Is it safe to assume that people who don’t feel like cooking also don’t feel like doing the dishes?)

Traditional Cornish Pasties

If you’ve already heard of Cornish pasties, you probably don’t need any convincing. If you haven’t, you’re about to discover something new and wonderful. Cornish pasties are beloved across Great Britain and are thought to have originated when Cornish tin miners (who couldn’t go up to the surface at lunchtime) wanted to be able to eat something hearty that they also didn’t have to touch too much (as they were fairly filthy). Pasties are meat pies that are handheld, and the Cornish variety tends to contain diced beef, rutabaga, potato, and onion. These delicious, hearty Pasties by Post from Proper Pasty can actually be ordered online for home delivery. Not only does that cut out the cooking step, but also the going to the store step.

One-Pot Pasta

One-Pot Pasta

While this meal does require a smidgeon of effort on your part, the cooking time is pretty minimal, so those who hate spending time in the kitchen won’t be too bothered by it. A one-pot pasta recipe is the lazy chef’s dream. All you have to do is toss all the ingredients into a single pot and let it boil. There’s no draining. No mixing. No stirring. No adding things at different points throughout the cook. No unnecessary steps at all. It all goes into the pot and comes out cooked twenty minutes later. Of course, this means your water level needs to be accurate, so there are no extra steps involved. To make this even more appealing, you have only one dish to wash after meal prep. 

Slow-Cooker Meal

Slow-Cooker Meals

Similar to one-pot pasta, slow cooker meals are ideal for those who don’t like to prepare food. All you have to do is toss everything in the pot at once and then leave it alone as you go about your day. Something like honey-garlic meatballs is actually pretty easy to attain without any extended effort on your part. And, slow cookers have the added benefit of keeping cooked food warm, so you don’t have to worry about reheating portions when you go back for a second helping. To make things even more wonderful, slow cookers are notoriously easy to clean as the material they’re made out of is truly non-stick, not just advertised as non-stick but difficult to clean after three or four uses wears off that poisonous Teflon coating that floats around in your food and contributes to cancer risks.

Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie is beloved every time it is broken out, it’s an instant favorite for everyone, and the best part is that a meal-sized charcuterie board doesn’t require any cooking! It’s a simple as taking items out of the fridge or cupboard and putting them on a large board or plate. Common ingredients include easy-to-eat meats like prosciutto or salami, chunks of cheese, dips like tzatziki or hummus, crackers, nuts, seeds, jams, pieces of bread, olives, pickles, fruits, honeycomb, and literally anything else you would like. This meal looks and feels and tastes fancy but is comically easy to have ready in just a few minutes. And don’t let the fact that some of these ingredients are commonly snack foods make you think charcuterie isn’t a filling meal. You can have a full feast in the form of a charcuterie. You also have next to no clean-up (just one board to wipe down) if you treat the platter like the finger food it is.

The above meals should have gotten your mind reeling. Once you see how many options there are for minimal intervention meals, you’ll begin to notice that you have far more food choices than you previously thought. Many of the above meals can be tweaked to suit taste preferences and moods.

Foods You Should Not Miss on Your Visit to Prague     

Prague is known for its rich culture, architectural beauty and beer. Bur, there is a lot more to this East European city, and food is one of the first things that comes to your mind. Be it Goulash or Palačinky, chimney cake or open faced sandwich, pick whatever suits your taste buds; Prague will not disappoint you. Tangy, savoury or sweet, there is something for everyone. So, if you are hoping to sample the best food the city has to offer, this food guide can come to your aid. 

1. Palačinky

Palačinky tops the list whenever people think about what to eat in Prague. Similar to French crepes, these Czech pancakes differ only in the batter and method of preparation. If you have a sweet tooth, this item, rolled up and offered with fruit, jam, nuts, or cream filling, is the perfect treat for you. In case you like savoury treats, cheese, meat, and spinach fillings can go with your pancake. However, remember that owing to the high amount of paprika, the dish can be extremely spicy.

2. Goulash

Originating in Hungary, this dish has made a place in the hearts of the Czech people and has become a staple food item in the country’s cuisine. The Czech version, unlike the Hungarian version, has a higher quantity of meat and fewer vegetables. 

It is a beef preparation, but in the event of its unavailability or your preference for an alternative, you may also have a pork or chicken-based dish. Stewed meat, with a generous topping of gravy and bread dumplings, can make your day.

3. Grilled Sausage

No food list in Prague will ever be complete without mentioning the fantastic grilled sandwich. The sausage, tucked into a bread roll and dressed with several tasty sauces, is a delightful addition to your food experience list, which you can read out to your friends back home.

4. Chimney Cake

Even though it originates in Transylvania, Romania, this pastry is a much-loved street food item in Prague amongst both tourists and locals. While you eat, do not let the name of the originating place intimidate you. 

If you wish to be mesmerized by Prague’s kitchens, just watch how the food is prepared. It is a savoury and sweet pastry made by wrapping dough around a stick, which is then heated over a flame till the pastry turns golden brown. The spicy sweetness and the touch of salt you experience just after you bite is a contribution of the cinnamon sugar in which the stick is rolled and brushed with some butter. With delicious fillings inside, the dish makes for a heavenly grub.

5. Open-faced sandwich

Chlebíčky or open-faced sandwich is ideal for breakfast and lunch as it makes for a filling and quick meal. It is an awesome dish during parties with toppings like salami, egg, ham, cucumber, and pickles. Stop at a deli while travelling to taste the assortment of toppings to experience a salvo of flavours and textures at a go. 

6. Braised beef with dumplings

The beef eye fillet cooked with vegetables is one of the most popular dishes in Prague. But, make sure to have this dish when you have time at your disposal because the preparation time is two hours. 

If you are into a mix of sweet and spice, then the beef slices seasoned with carrot and parsnip sauce will compel you to roll your eyes. A plate consists of cream, boiled bread dumplings, lemon slices and, in some places, cranberries. Eat and lose yourself in a universe of the best.

7. Knedlo

Roasted pork served with dumplings and stewed cabbage is another must-try in Prague. While the delicious dumplings taste delightful, the cabbage offers a high amount of fibre, making the dish a nutrient-balanced option.  

8. Koláče

Just in case you want to treat yourself to another sweet dish post-meal, try a tasty little pasty. Koláče is filled with poppy seeds, cheese or jam and is ideal for ending a meal. 

9. Moravian Wine

It may appear that most people drink beer in Prague, but many appreciate a glass of excellent wine. Take a sip of the local Moravian wine and immerse yourself in repeated sips of pleasure. 

These are some of the tastiest and conventional dishes found in Prague and other Czech cities. The food available here is simple yet rich, making the cuisine a blend of taste and health. Without much ado, order a dish every day of your trip and enjoy your food. Prague will not disappoint you. 

Different Ways People Make Crawfish: How To Improve Your Skill

Different Ways People Make Crawfish: How To Improve Your Skill

Making crawfish is very simple. You will require a big pot, a source of heat, water, vegetables, seasoning, live crawdads, pot hooks, and some newspapers to put in your crawfish. However, many people, especially in Louisiana, where crawfish are taken in plenty, have made it an art in preparing these delicacies. While others are doing it for the first time, others find ways to improve their skills in preparing this seafood.

How do you improve your skills in making crawfish? There are various ways you can use to become better when preparing crawfish. This article will explain some handy tips you can use to improve your skills. Here are the suggestions.

Get Set Up for the Boil

You will find some crawfish in a particular place tasting better than others. The reason is that the individuals set themselves perfectly for the boil and perfected their art.  A good crawfish boil setup shouldn’t go beyond $100 if you have your heating source ready.

First, it is better to buy a perfect burner that can effectively heat a big boiling pot. Secondly, you will then need a huge boiling pot, preferably a 120-quart pot that can handle any amount of crawfish. Also, as seen on Hook’d On Pot, you will require an aluminum hook that hooks on the pot to help lift and hold the loaded basket. It would be best to also get a paddle for stirring – 36 to 48 inches, which won’t cost much.

Other things you might need are a 36-inch-long strainer, a 35-inch stainless perforated spoon, and some mesh bags to separate the vegetables from what’s in the boiling pot.

What and How Much to Buy

Like other cooking ingredients, you have to know what to buy and the quantity. Typically, in Louisiana, you have to get 4 to 5 pounds of crayfish per person. That means you will require double of this when two and so on. However, having an outsider means that you should buy less since the crawfish might not be their favorite.

It would be best not to get the dead, muddy crayfish. Therefore, when purchasing the same, find a reputable seller that deals with all kinds of seafood. The crawfish should be alive, nice, and clean, ready for boiling. Also, it would be important to get crawfish of the same size, as they will take almost the same time to cook.

Purging and Seasoning


You shouldn’t purge your crawfish, as soaking them in saltwater will kill and damage them before cooking time. Only crabs are purged. Put them on a basket strainer, hose and shake them.

When it comes to seasoning, it all depends on an individual. However, it is recommended to use powdered boil seasoning. Zatarain’s food season, found in supermarkets, is mostly used when making crawfish. It is important to follow the label instructions when seasoning to avoid messing your crayfish boil. While some of the off-the-shelf seasonings contain salt, you may want to add some to make your crawfish tastier.

Lastly, it would be best to be mindful of the vegetables to add to your boil. Sliced garlic and halved lemons are the perfect fit. You can also add some potatoes and corn on cobs, which you should give adequate time to cook.

Another consideration you have to note is the cooking time. You shouldn’t rather boil, but put the water to boil, then let the crawfish simmer in hot water. It is also important to keep on stirring and testing the mixture to ensure that everything cooks and blends well. When you follow these tips, you will have some good-tasting crawfish.