With the festive season looming, you may be thinking about who to buy for this year, including people that you work with. However, knowing what to get a co-worker can be a difficult decision, especially when you don’t know them as well as you need to to pick out something unique. Rather than letting stress overtake your gift shopping, take a look at our top ten gifts for co-workers and buy with confidence!


Hampers are a great gift when you are not sure what to buy someone as they can be made up of a wide range of treats that are sure to impress. Pick from food, drinks or sweet treats and decide your budget before starting to look, that way you will end up with a hamper you can afford without being tempted to spend more than you had planned.


Alcohol is a really common gift to give co-workers as it signifies the need to take a break and relax after work. However, before you buy booze for the people you work with you should find out whether they drink and then work out their favourite type of tipple. If your co-workers don’t drink then there are plenty of zero-alcohol options to choose from too, just make sure you check the label to ensure it is zero-proof!

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a great gift for anyone, especially when you aren’t sure what to get them, because let’s face it – everyone loves hot chocolate. If you are doing secret Santa and you don’t know your co-worker well enough to pick someone more specific. Choosing a luxury hot chocolate set will give them something tasty to drink during their work, or to take home to share with their loved ones. Take your time to pick out the best hot chocolate flakes you can find as this will result in a superior taste that feels indulgent every time, they have a cup. 

Funny Mugs

Another great drink inspired gift is a funny mug that can be used in the office. Arguments over mugs is a common workplace problem but you can combat this by creating a bespoke mug for the entire office as your festive gift offering. From photo mugs to named mugs, there are options to suit all budgets and all types of humour – just remember to keep your choices politically correct so that no co-workers are left feeling offended.

Desktop Organiser

Is your favourite co-worker a bit messy? Do they struggle to keep their desk in order? Why not buy them a desk organiser to help them get everything into ship shape fashion? Desk tidies can be as simple as a pen and stationery holder or as complex as organising trays, desk jitters and more. Think about their favourite colours and individual style to help you choose a desk organiser that they are sure to love.


If you are looking for a gift that is safe to give even to the most difficult co-worker then picking out a desktop plant is a sensible way forward. There are plenty of cute plants and plant pots on offer and they range from tiny to huge, depending on the space that is available in your office. If your office welcomes pets or children then be careful when choosing your plant as some can be poisonous if ingested! Instead, stick to succulents or air purifying plants that look great and encourage wellbeing.


Do you get sick of lending pens to people or having them stolen from your desk? If you know who the culprit is then buying them their own stationery is a great idea! You can select a matching stationery set that is attractive to look at or make it a funny gift and buy them a bulk amount of pens to stop them from taking everyone else’s. Whichever you choose to do, shop around first to get the best deal for your budget.

Keep Cups

We mentioned mugs and hot chocolate earlier but keep cups are also a great gift that we couldn’t fail to suggest. The name ‘keep cup’ refers to the fact they keep your drink warm for hours after making it, meaning that they are a great commuter solution. There are plenty of insulated cups to choose from and the designs vary from pretty to hilarious, leaving you with the final decision over which one to get your co-workers. Take the time to research the amount of time they will keep the drinks warm for before spending your cash as some cups are far more efficient than others!

Novelty Socks

Our penultimate gift idea is a pair of novelty socks that depict something your co-worker loves or is well known for. It could be their favourite food, their favourite film or a funny joke that will make them smile. If your co-worker is keen on eco-friendly products then you could even pick out a pair of novelty socks that are made from bamboo as they last longer and are less damaging to the climate. If you do decide to buy socks, don’t forget to check their shoe size so that they don’t end up being useless!

Gift Cards

If you are really unsure about what to get your co-worker but you are keen to buy them something then choosing a gift card may be the best idea. You can either find out their favourite shop and buy a gift card for them to use or stick to a more generic gift card that offers a greater level of choice. The great thing about gift cards is that they can be loaded with however much you want to spend so that you don’t end up going over budget.

Knowing Who to Buy For

Buying gifts for co-workers should never be an obligatory requirement that you feel compelled to take part in. Instead, choosing to spend money on the people you work with should only ever happen when you want to do it. Remember that you work hard to earn your wages so buy gifts that reflect your affection without spending more than you can afford!