The Epicentre Spices

Epicentre spice tinsSome of the most popular herbs and spices from our collections are now available, with a few new exotics to try too. Each spice is elegantly packaged in a 2 oz or 4oz tin with a colour label illustrating the spice with serving suggestions printed on the back label.

Our products are all-natural with no fillers and no salt or low salt. They may contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, flour, soy, sesame, mustard, sulphites, milk solids.


Chile Powders

Aleppo Pepper (ground)
These moderately hot red chilies from Turkey and Syria are the preferred capsicum for authentic Mediterranean flavour and fragrance.
30g…………..$6.50 (CDN) recipes

Ancho Chile (ground)
Rich, mild and slightly fruit-flavoured (hints of raisin and plum), the sweetest of the dried chiles. A basic ingredient for many Mexican sauces. 40g…………..$5.50 (CDN) recipes

Chipotle Chile (ground)
This hot chile is actually a dried, smoked jalapeno. Use sparingly to add heat and an exquisite smokey flavour to a soup, salsa or sauce.
40g…………..$5.50 (CDN) recipes

Indian Kashmiri Chile (mild)
Used in Indian cooking, particularly in the relatively softly spiced meat dishes of the north. A good choice for those that don’t like overly spicy foods. 40g…………..$5.50 (CDN)

Indian Kerala Chile (very hot)
As hot as cayenne but has better flavour. Use it for the cuisines of Southern India and the west coast from Goa on south.
40g…………..$5.50 (CDN)

Indian Reshampatti Chile (hot)
Reshampatti chile powder is a good choice for all-around Indian cooking. It can flavour any dish and be used as a condiment too..
40g…………..$5.50 (CDN)

Jalepeno Chile (ground)
Fairly hot. This hard-to-find powder seems to go with just about anything. Use it to spice up chili, stews, enchilada sauces, rubs or marinades. 40g…………..$6.00 (CDN)

New Mexican Chile (ground)
A fairly mild chile powder, good for everything from beef to fish. Often used as a base for sauces and makes a great chili con carne.

40g…………..$5.50 (CDN)

Pasilla Chile (ground)
The pasilla negro chile has mild to medium heat with a berry flavour and herbal tones. Use in moles and cream sauces, soups, salsas and with meats. 40g…………..$6.00 (CDN)

Smoked Paprika (hot)
Hot smoked Spanish paprika (Pimentón de la Vera Picante) has a rich smoky scent and flavour adding depth, colour and a kick of heat to slow-cooked dishes, potatoes, pulses, soups, pork, lamb, chicken or seafood. 35g…………..$6.00 (CDN)

Smoked Paprika  (sweet)
This mild smoked Spanish paprika (Pimentón de la Vera Dulce) has wonderful flavour and colour. Add a pinch to dressings or sauces, soups, marinades, pototoes, beans or pulses. Use as a rub for roast or grilled meats.
35g…………..$6.00 (CDN)


Twisted Tongues (ground)
XXX rated blend of habanero and del arbol chiles with white pepper. Behind the heat is a fruity flavour that sparks up a soup, salsa, sauce or rub. 40g…………..$6.00 (CDN)

Spice Blends and Rubs

Berbere (Ethiopian spice blend)
Berbere is the highly aromatic and extremely hot national spice mixture of Ethiopia.  A blend of Arabic and Indian flavours, our Berbere is an authentic and smoldering blend of smoked chillies laced with soul-warming ginger, ajwain cardamom, fenugreek and long pepper — it stokes the appetite!. Use in Ethiopian stews called wats or as a rub. Low salt.
45g…………..$6.75 (CDN)

Chicken Love (spice rub)
A gentle and tasty seasoning blend for poultry luvin’ flavour. Mild ancho chiles with hungarian and spanish paprikas are lightened with lemon peel and traditional poultry seasoning herbs. Rub under the skin where possible and inside the cavity of a whole bird. Low salt. 45g…………..$6.75 (CDN)

Chili Powder (Premium)
Only the choice pods of of seven varieties of chiles are finely ground into a deep, rich powder and combined with roasted cumin, cinnamon and other herbs and spices. While it clearly has a spicy kick, the emphasis is on balance and flavour! Use for the finest sauces or add zest to your favourite chili dish.
45g…………..$6.75 (CDN)

Chimichurri Blend
Used to season grilled meat and may be used as a marinade and finishing sauce as well as in salad dressings. To use: slightly moisten with warm water (just enough to to rehydrate the dry herbs) and allow to sit for 5 minutes. Add olive oil to obtain the desired consistency and an optional spritz of lemon juice.
35g…………..$6.75 (CDN)

Chinese Five Spice
This powerful blend of spices includes cinnamon, cloves, fennel, szechuan peppers and ginger. Flavour a stir-fry, try it with fruit or ice cream! No salt. 35g…………..$5.75 (CDN)

Coffee / Chile Steak Rub
This aromatic blend is made with a variety of spices and chiles but is predominately flavoured with Aleppo Pepper and a rich free-trade coffee roasted by Dreams of Beans. Brilliant as a rub for beef, pork, chicken, or shrimp; it also adds rich flavour to bean dishes, salsas and grilled vegetables. No salt.
55g…………..$6.75 (CDN)

French Mustard and Herbs
Adds a luxurious touch and rich flavour to roasts, beef or pork dishes and potatoes. Take traditional pot roast or meatloaf to the next level. Great as a vinaigrette or dip when mixed with mayo & sour cream. A hand-blended medley of spices, orange peel, onion, fennel, parsley, thyme and cane syrup. No Salt. 40g…………..$6.75  (CDN)

Garam Masala
A blend of several strongly aromatic spices designed to add flavour and fragrance to many Indian dishes. It is also often used as a garnish. No Salt. 40g…………..$5.00 (CDN)

Fire and Brimstone (spice rub)
We wanted to create the ultimate spice rub with more than heat, but wonderful flavour too. Australian pepperberry, Chipotle chiles, smoked paprika with crunchy crushed black and white pepper provide the heat, balanced with ancho chiles, cinnamon, cumin, oregano and other spices. Devilishly good! Low salt 55g…………..$6.75(CDN)

Everything Nice Premium Baking Spice
Everything Nice blends cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, cardamom, mace and a hint of lemon. Use it to flavour pies, quick breads, spiced cakes or muffins. Lovely sprinkled on French toast and in the fall and winter it is a welcome addition to baked squash or cream soups. Perfect for apple or pumpkin pies (add 2-3 teaspoons per 9 inch pie). STIR A PINCH INTO COFFEE!! No salt.
55g…………..$6.25 (CDN)

Harissa is a hot Tunisian chili sauce made with assorted chiles including birdseye, serrano and Aleppo peppers with spices and herbs such as paprika, garlic, sea salt, cumin, coriander, sumac and caraway. Use harissa directly as a spice rub or mix with olive oil and chopped garlic for a classic paste or mix with yogurt for a tangy dip. . No Salt.
55g…………..$6.25 (CDN)


Herbes de Provence
Sweet French herbs and flowery lavender with Italian herbs and fennel, for roasting poultry, root vegetables or pork tenderloin. No Salt.
16g…………..$6.00 (CDN)

Jerk (spice rub & marinade)
An authentic Jamaican blend of tropical spices, fragrant with allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon and lime with an habanero kick. Equally good as a rub or marinade. It’s especially good with chicken or pork but can also add intense flavour to fish and is superb when dusted on shrimp. No Salt.

50g…………..$6.75 (CDN)

Madras Curry
A hot and tangy South Indian curry powder, excellent for eggs or meat curries, or to add interest and colour to soups, sauces, dips and stews. No Salt

35g…………..$5.00 (CDN)

Moroccan blend (Ras el Hanout)
With over twenty ingredients, a subtle balance is achieved forming a full-bodied seasoning. Used in tagine cooking, to season lamb, chicken or fish. No Salt

65g…………..$6.75 (CDN)

Smoked Pepper and Sage Rub
A multi-purpose coarse-grain seasoning well-suited for slow-roasting. Rub into turkey, pork, poultry, game, steak and potatoes.  It adds complex flavour when rubbed into meat and rested overnight before cooking. Mix it into a marinade, or rub it right on dry or with a little oil, and it’s ready to go! 

Thai Coconut Green Curry
Thai Coconut Green Curry Powder adds an exotic combination of spicy/sweet flavour to soups, sauces, rice, noodles, fish and chicken. Green Thai chiles and exotic spices tempered with sweet coconut powder, lime and a little brown sugar, resulting in a perfectly balanced Thai curry with a kick.
40g…………..$6.75 (CDN)

True North (spice rub)
Real organic maple (not an artificial sweetner) mellows the kick of chipotle, cayenne, paprika and ancho chiles with Southwestern herbs and spices. Brilliant as a rub for pork, chicken, salmon or shrimp; it also adds rich flavour to bean dishes, salsas and grilled vegetables. Low salt.
50g…………..$6.75 (CDN)

Zatar (Middle Eastern Blend)
Zatar is a traditional Middle Eastern aromatic spice mixture of sumac, thyme and white sesame seeds. With an earthy, woodsy flavour, zatar is a popular tabletop condiment that is often used in bread making. For a tasty treat, brush pita bread with olive oil and sprinkle it with zatar. Cut the bread into wedges and bake in a 350° oven for 5-10 minutes, just until the bread is browned and crisp. Zatar also makes a wonderful seasoning for roasted chicken or lamb stew.
85g…………..$7.25 (CDN)

Zydeco Dust (Cajun blackening spice rub)
For distinctive Cajun flavour use as a rub for seafood, meats or chicken. Traditionally this mix is used for “blackening” which seals in juices and forms a spice crust. It isn’t necessary to blacken to enjoy this great spice blend. Low salt.
50g…………..$6.75 (CDN)

Hard-to-find Spices and Seasonings

Fenugreek Leaves
Fenugreek leaves are used in Indian curries and its fragrance is the aroma that wafts through North Indian restaurants. A pinch is added to many gravies, curries, vegetable dishes and breads, giving dishes an unforgettable exotic flavour.  Fenugreek leaves are also widely used in Persian cuisine. In Iranian cooking they are added to stews, rice dishes and spinach or potato curries.
14g…………..$6.00 (CDN)

Galangal (ground)
Galangal has the peppery hotness of ginger but not the sweetness. Use it to flavour Indonesian sambals or in fish dishes with coconut milk.
30g…………..$4.75 (CDN)

Grains of Paradise (whole seeds)
The name alone sparkles. With a billowing aroma, and a slowly intensifying heat, its taste changes by the second. The heat lingers, but the spice remains pleasantly tempered with flavours reminiscent of jasmine, hazelnut, ginger and cardamom. Try it in dishes where black pepper would be used, cracking the grains and pressing into meats, or grind onto pastas or vegetables. Traditionally used in West African dishes.
35g…………..$8.00 (CDN) recipes

Green Cardamom (whole)
This aromatic spice has a warm, spicy-sweet flavour. The seeds may be removed from the pods, or the entire pod may be fried to release its oils.
30g…………..$5.00 (CDN)

Juniper berries (whole)
Pine-like, spicy, refreshing and savoury, an excellent foil for rich, gamey or fatty foods. Try mixing it with wine for game, fish or chicken dishes.
30g…………..$5.50 (CDN)

Add to sweet dishes that contain cream for colour, fragrance and flavour. Try in short bread cookies, ice cream, honey, cakes and icings.
10g…………..$6.00 (CDN)

Lime [Loomi]  (ground)
Prepare to pucker! This ground lime is the most intense citrus flavour we’ve found. Throughout the Mid-East, ripe limes are boiled in salt water and sun-dried until their interior turns dark. The resulting spice, called loomi, is often used to impart a distinct sour tang to legumes, meat and rice dishes. We like to mix it with chiles, as a meat rub, or to add zip to Mexican dishes. WOW!
30g…………..$6.50 (CDN) recipes

Lime Leaves
Combines well with rich coconut milk and hot chili spices. Grind the leaf to use in curry blends or use it whole in soups and stir fries.
5g…………..$5.00 (CDN)

Maple Granules
Real organic maple granules add a delicate hint of maple. When rubbed onto meats or fish it creates a light glaze when cooked or grilled – much easier to work with and less likely to burn than maple syrup. Uncooked, it has a crunchy texture adding dimension as a condiment when sprinkled on vegetables, sweets or even breakfast cereal.
70g…………..$6.25 (CDN)

Nigella seeds
Used in Indian cuisines, particularly in mildly braised lamb dishes such as korma. It is also added to vegetable and dhal dishes as well as in chutneys. 65g…………..$5.00 (CDN)

Roasted Cumin (ground)
Dry-roasted cumin has a full-bodied, nutty flavour that is complementary to Indian, Mid-Eastern, Mexican and Malaysian cooking.
65g…………..$5.25 (CDN)

Smoked Black Pepper (ground)
It’s the new black! The deep, rich flavour of this pepper is created with real smoke over an oak and pecan fire. It is smooth and aromatic without the bitterness of regular ground pepper.  A natural for the barbeque, it’s extraordinary on grilled meats and veggies or use as a finishing pepper..
65g…………..$7.25 (CDN)

Smoked Paprika – Dulce (sweet)
This mild smoked Spanish paprika (Pimentón de la Vera Dulce) has wonderful flavour and colour. Add a pinch to dressings or sauces. Good in marinades, soups, pototoes, beans or pulses. Rub over meats to be roasted or grilled.
40g…………..$6.50 (CDN)

Smoked Paprika – Picante (hot)
Hot smoked Spanish paprika (Pimentón de la Vera Picante) has a rich smoky scent and flavour adding depth, colour and a discreet kick of heat to a dish. Add to slow-cooked dishes or to potatoes, pulses, soups, pork, lamb, chicken or seafood.
40g…………..$6.50 (CDN)

Sumac (ground)
This tart red-purple spice is ground from the berries of the Middle Eastern sumac shrub. Sprinkle liberally over rice, kebabs or fattoush salad.
30g…………..$5.50 (CDN)

Star Anise
This dried, star-shaped spice has a smokey, licorice flavour, making it a distinctive ingredient in Chinese braised dishes and Malaysian curries. We try to include some whole pods in each tin, though it comes mostly as pieces.
35g…………..$4.50 (CDN)

Szechuan pepper (whole)
From the Szechuan province of China, this mildly hot spice has a distinctive flavour and fragrance. Aka: fagara, sansho and Sichuan pepper. 25g…………..$4.50 (CDN)


Mondo Pepper (Whole)
A melange of the worlds most exotic and exceptional peppercorns; Sarawak black, Muntok white, Mysore green, Madagascarian pink, Jamaican pepper (Allspice), Szechuan pepper and rare cubebs from Java. A confetti of colour, aroma and a complexity of nuanced flavours, every table should have this as a standard provision.

Peppercorns, Green (Whole)
Preferable for steak au-poivre or with mild flavoured fish. Its mellow flavour is pleasant in gravies and sauces or with rich foods such as duck, pork and game. They have an affinity for fruit and salad dressings made with raspberry vinegar.
. 35g…………..$6.50 (CDN)

Peppercorns, Pink (Whole)
Sweet pine-like flavour resembling juniper; fragrant with a lemony essence and slight peppery bite. Use in fruit sauces, vinaigrettes and desserts,sprinkled on fish, meat and game dishes as well as vegetable and salad dishes.
40g…………..$6.75 (CDN)

Peppercorns, White (Whole)
Sharp heat and a sweetish pungency, but very little aroma. Great in white sauces, with steaks, or in mashed potato. Useful in white soups and sauces because they won’t add the little black flecks that black peppercorns would.
75g…………..$6.50 (CDN)

Smoked Black Pepper (ground)
It’s the new black! The deep, rich flavour of this pepper is created with real smoke over an oak and pecan fire. It is smooth and aromatic without the bitterness of regular ground pepper. A natural for the barbeque, it’s extraordinary on grilled meats and veggies or use as a finishing pepper.
65g…………..$7.25 (CDN)

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