Athletes are renowned for being extremely careful about what they eat. The top sports stars know that what they put into their bodies has a huge effect on their performance.

Yet, not everyone takes the time to consider the question of what spices to use. The truth is that a wise choice in this matter is just as important as in the other types of food that you eat. What are some of the smartest choices?


This is the root of a flowering plant that has a bright orange color. It has been used for centuries in the traditional medicines of Asian countries such as India and China.  Despite being so widely used, there is still a lack of reliable evidence on its clinical properties.

One area that a lot of athletes agree on is that turmeric can be highly effective in dealing with inflammation in different parts of the body. It is also said to help digestion and relieve fatigue. There are a number of ways of taking this spice, from adding it to a smoothie or a salad to making a wonderfully golden-toned turmeric latte.  


Ginger is another root that is believed to be a powerful aide in reducing inflammation. It was originally found and cultivated in Asia, where it forms an important part of the natural remedies that have been trusted by generations. This is a hugely versatile spice that can be used in an enormous number of ways.

It is commonly used to add flavor in Asian cuisines and as an appetite stimulant. The list of health benefits that have been attributed to ginger is long, with pain reduction, weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, and better digestion all mentioned. For serious athletes, it is the way it is purported to reduce inflammation that may be most useful.


This is a flowering plant that originated in the Mediterranean and expanded from there to virtually every part of the planet. Parsley is widely used in many cuisines and offers a wide range of health benefits. These include a high level of vitamin C, anti-inflammatory properties, improved bone health, and better absorption of calcium.

One of the simplest ways for sports stars to get some parsley in their diet is with some green smoothies. Given that the likes of NBA and NFL players need to take on-board a lot of calories each day, this is a clever way to do it in a healthy way. When you bet on sports events, such as the SuperBowl wagers, see if you can work out which players have the best diets that help them to perform well. 


Sometimes known as Chinese parsley and called coriander in certain parts of the world, cilantro shares many of the properties that parsley has. Interestingly, research has shown that whether you love or loathe the taste could come down to genetic factors.  

If you like it, then you could use cilantro in salads, salsas, smoothies, and many other ways. It is one of the nature’s richest sources of chlorophyll and is said to help our digestion, lower pain and inflammation levels, and treat fungal infections too.


Another great healing spice, oregano reduces inflammation and also contains large quantities of vitamin B and chlorophyll. It is particularly recommended for people with digestion problems. In terms of athletes, oregano is associated with the benefit of helping sore or stiff muscles to relax.  

Oregano is used in numerous ways, from sprinkling on bread and salads to adding it to tasty sauces. For athletes who are keen to get the maximum amount of benefits, the slightly bitter oregano tea is well worth trying..